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a stadium where football games are held

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youth center and outdoor works like a football stadium, water tanks and walls.
Construction of infrastructure facilities for the new football stadium in Regensburg: Construction of transport infrastructure for a football stadium with parking facilities for about 1,700 cars, 25 buses and 800 bicycles in an area of ?
That is, the Coliseum, for all its wheel-churning over the past half-dozen years, is in absolute terms right where Anaheim is: ready, willing and able to begin construction on a state-of-the-art football stadium.
VALENCIA - The sign near the entrance to the future Valencia High football stadium touts it as the home field for both the Saugus High Centurions and Valencia's Vikings, but Saugus administrators and parents aren't interested in calling rival turf ``home.
While we appreciate that some progress was made this session, there still is no commitment to solve the football stadium problem in Minnesota.
Proponents for a football stadium at the campus have been vocal in recent months, crowding community meetings in a show of support.
2) For the second time in five years, the NFL is considering a former toxic waste dump in Carson for a football stadium.
Related sport facility assignments for USEL have included new construction for the Princeton University Football Stadium, structural rehabilitation for the Rutgers University Football Stadium, luxury box additions at Giants Stadium, minor league baseball stadiums for the Lakewood Blue Claws, Newark Bears and Somerset Patriots and new construction of the training facilities for the Philadelphia Eagles and Flyers.
In 2001, the game will be played at SAFECO Field and subsequent years it will be played at the new Seahawks football stadium.
Last year, billionaire Philip Anschutz and Los Angeles Avengers owner Casey Wasserman proposed building a new football stadium in the South Park area of downtown Los Angeles.
Marc Farha, director of design & construction for the Metropolitan Football Stadium District and a decision maker for the video display project stated: "We went through an extensive evaluation process before awarding the video board contract.
Under the 20-year, $5 million agreement, Troy State University's newly expanded football stadium, to be completed in September 2003, will be known as the Movie Gallery Veterans Stadium.
Daley spoke about the success of Soldier Field's $610-million adaptive reuse and the Chicago's lakefront redevelopment project that is adjacent to the Bear's football stadium.
Call the lines below to give your answer to the question:EVERTON and Liverpool are sitting down to discuss the possibility of sharing a football stadium.