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Football players are a special breed, we love to see old friends and meet new ones.
ROBINSON: We didn't have the great football players, but I learned a lot from Coach Ruben Turner.
a football player whom Mayton described as ``250 pounds of beef'' and not fat.
Adams said his son, a sophomore football player, was defending himself Friday after weeks of tolerating threats from others.
The company got its name from founder Darryl Fuhrman's days as football player for the University of Alabama.
Football players may sign through April 1; the window closes on the other four sports on Aug.
Ronnie Lott, best known as a Hall of Fame football player, also has been a leader in community service.
Still, he never envisioned himself as just a football player.
Football players from Stanford University and UC Berkeley as well as Cleveland Browns football player Daylon McCutcheon joined other CAC members in testifying in hearings supporting the bill.
He has a long road ahead of him,'' Luken said, ``but he's a Lompoc football player, and a Lompoc football player is a fighter.
16, 2003: Second graph, 1st sentence of release dated October 16, 2003 should: Retired Jets football player Boomer Esiason (sted Retired Giants football player Boomer Esiason)
Civita, quarterback Austin Civita's uncle, was a Canyon football player, then a fashion model and Hollywood scenemaker before the accident.
A Canyon football player, then a fashion model and Hollywood scenemaker before the accident, Civita, still a handsome man with chiseled features, now walks with a slow, pronounced limp.
The average fantasy football player spends almost three hours per week visiting their fantasy teams, so it is only a matter of time before mainstream advertisers embrace our booming industry," Ambrosius added.