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In addition, the "Compaq College Football Play of the Year" will be commemorated in an oil painting that will be on display in the College Football Hall of Fame in Southbend, Ind.
It was when the World Cup was going on and he thought it would be nice to have a football play,'' explains Steel.
Compaq is the official computer for the NCAA, and sponsors the "Compaq College Football Plays of the Week," "Compaq College Football Plays of the Year," and "Compaq Basketball Plays of the Year" for both men and women.
It is nice to see our kids having fun -- and scoring points -- with this old football play.
Baylor's last-second scoring attempt against UNLV backfired in the worst way, and the result ended up being the "Compaq College Football Play of the Week," judged by a panel of sportswriters and sportscasters.
Here Mehretu seems to be rehearsing the miniature incidents from the surface layers of Retopistics: wee explosions, smoke trails, clouds, and cryptic force lines that suggest, as one observer noted, "a coach's instructions for a particularly intricate football play.
Remember, the average football play lasts approximately 6 seconds, albeit a brutal 6 seconds.
The 34-year-old TV show presenter told the Daily Express that football plays a massive part in their weekend, especially if Frank's playing.
All of the free football plays are sharable via Facebook, Twitter, Email and all other social media platforms.
Football plays a truly great role in the lives of many Africans; some of my first and fondest memories are of watching football coverage on a black and white TV and then the thrill of seeing regular live broadcasts.
And during Senate debates he would diagram football plays.
Priority is investing pounds 10m in a new business park adjoining Bootle's ground and its area development boss Murray Carr said: "We recognise the important role that football plays in the community and we look forward to contributing to its future success.
TX-NCAAF/PLAYS-OF-THE-YEAR)(FBC)(CPQ) HOUSTON--1998 Top Ten `Compaq College Football Plays of the Year' Awarded; University of Texas, University of Tennessee, Kansas State University Among Schools Recognized (BW1272 12:19)
And with over 1,600 hours of TV game coverage per year, including 800 hours of live broadcasts alone, football plays a major role in China's media.
It's an incredible statistic that shows just how much a part football plays in Scottish society.