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The County of Warren Parks and Recreation Department is seeking a Request for Proposals (hereinafter referred to as RFP ) from qualified businesses to be a sponsor on the Football Scoreboard, the Football Play Clocks and the Basketball Scoreboard to be installed at the Warren County Health and Humans Services Complex at 465 W.
His football play Studs was due to open at Chester's Gateway Theatre tonight.
8, 1999--Capping off a season that included a winning record for first-year head coach Mack Brown, a victory in the Cotton Bowl and the awarding of the Heisman Trophy to senior running back Ricky Williams, the University of Texas today has been honored with the 1998 "Compaq College Football Play of the Year" award, which recognizes the most outstanding play in college football.
If a football play is 86'd the meaning is clear - the play has been canceled or killed.
Highland High quietly entered Golden League football play, considered no better than a long-shot championship contender.
The 34-year-old TV show presenter told the Daily Express that football plays a massive part in their weekend, especially if Frank's playing.
com)-- DS Ragland has launched Youth Football Plays and Formations and has made available 640 free Youth Football Plays.
And during Senate debates he would diagram football plays.
Football plays a truly great role in the lives of many Africans; some of my first and fondest memories are of watching football coverage on a black and white TV and then the thrill of seeing regular live broadcasts.
Black-and-white photographs and diagrams that illustrate football plays add a clear visual touch to this practical, down-to-earth strategy and instruction manual, highly recommended for school and private athletic programs that adopt this disciplined and focused version of a traditional American sport.
Her formations were inspired by everything from football plays to Busby Berkeley.
The girls' volleyball hosts Buena of Ventura, the girls' golf team faces Quartz Hill at Robinson Ranch, the girls' tennis team plays at Hoover of Glendale, and freshman football plays at Highland in Palmdale.
And with over 1,600 hours of TV game coverage per year, including 800 hours of live broadcasts alone, football plays a major role in China's media.
NEIL DONCASTER last night insisted the role football plays in Scottish society is unrivalled across Europe.
TX-NCAAF/PLAYS-OF-THE-YEAR)(FBC)(CPQ) HOUSTON--1998 Top Ten `Compaq College Football Plays of the Year' Awarded; University of Texas, University of Tennessee, Kansas State University Among Schools Recognized (BW1272 12:19)