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a football player who has achieved a reputation for success

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DUBAI: Argentine football hero Diego Maradona has been named the new coach of a second-division team in the Emirati city of Fujairah and posted a video of himself performing a traditional dance in celebration.
Coaching: Football hero Kevin Keegan at the npower No Power Hour roadshow.
FOOTBALL hero Teddy Sheringham has kicked off a new campaign aimed at increasing awareness of testicular cancer in the sporting community.
AMERICAN football hero Pat Tillman was 'probably' killed by friendly fire, US Army chiefs said yesterday.
NORTHERN IRELAND football hero Bryan Hamilton is set to join the ranks of the FAI
The pilot episode introduces us to the camp's latest troubled kid - Scott Barringer (Hayden Christensen), a former high-school football hero who descended into drug use, emotionally wrecked by his lithesome stepmother's furtive enforced dalliances.
It's encouraging to see such a football hero like Roy, especially as a midfielder, working and giving you tips," gushed the PS13million Toffees man.
DELIGHT: Boys' Brigade youngsters meet their football hero John Craggs in 1981
Which football hero has been appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Northumberland?
THERE are plenty of people taking credit for Theo Walcott's progression to England football hero - the latest being Alexander Hleb.
YOUNGSTERS from a Tyneside village took a trip to London to follow in the footsteps of a local football hero.
Duff, living at the mercy of her self-obsessed stepmother Fiona (Jennifer Coolidge) and wicked stepsisters, meets her Prince Charming over the Internet, who turns out to be the high school's mega-popular football hero.
Tony sadly passed away in November 2009 and towards the end of his life achieved much fame when Sky TV's top sports presenter Jeff Stelling revealed "Padger" was his boyhood football hero.
BRAZIL football hero Socrates appeared at a Soweto school yesterday to support the 1Goal: Education for All campaign.
Leatherheads Sky Movies Comedy, 6pm George Clooney plays Dodge Connelly, a 1920'' s American football hero in the day when it was played for the good of the game with a side serving of fisticuffs and drunken brawling.