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a padded helmet with a face mask to protect the head of football players

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VICIS was founded by a pediatric neurosurgeon and engineer from the University of Washington along with a life sciences industry executive who together have reimagined the form and function of the football helmet.
HILLARY Clinton was given an American football helmet by her staff at the state department yesterday as she was welcomed back into the rough and tumble of politics.
On the first day of the school year he waved off son rain,15, wearing an American Football helmet.
Legislation on football helmet safety is one step closer to crossing the goal line after passing the Senate nearly unanimously today.
Hadley's Jeep Patriot is decked out with five Duck flags, but a magnetic UO football helmet decal flew off somewhere between Reno and here, leaving a dirt outline of a football helmet on his rig.
I looked up the history of-the football helmet one weekend this past October after I watched in giddy delight as several National Football League defenders used their helmets to deliver knock-out shots to their opponents.
Just like a football helmet wasn't designed to stop a concussion, but to stop skull fracture.
A football helmet is also featured towards the rear of the aircraft.
football helmet, basketball, Easter basket, whistle, television, hockey stick.
Researchers developed a group of sensors that go inside a football helmet and alert a coach on the sidelines when forces are great enough to cause a concussion (Head Impact Telemetry System, Simbex LLC).
Hensel's reporting showed how the nation's leading football helmet designer, Riddell, was improving its helmets during the first three years of the Iraq War, while at the same time helmet design remained at a practical standstill at the Pentagon.
When Randy came he brought me a gift from America, a Cleveland Browns football helmet, which I had as a keepsake on my desk.
It's an authentic Hart High football helmet from 1995's Southern Section Div.
The project's creator is a self-proclaimed amateur graphic artist named Charles Arey who started posting his collection of football helmet artwork on the Internet in 1999.