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a padded helmet with a face mask to protect the head of football players

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s most well-known brands and the Official Helmet of the NFL[R], Riddell is the leading manufacturer of football helmets, shoulder pads and reconditioning services (cleaning, repairing, repainting and recertifying existing equipment).
The State Department released a photo of Clinton smiling broadly as she showed the football helmet to her cheering colleagues during a meeting on Monday morning.
NOCSAE's current football helmet standard takes into account the smaller and lower mass characteristics of the youth head by requiring the use of different size and weight headforms for certification testing.
25, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Football helmet add-ons such as outer soft-shell layers, spray treatments, helmet pads and fiber sheets may not significantly help lower the risk of concussions in athletes, according to a study released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 67th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, April 18 to 25, 2015.
Using supercomputers and workstations based on present and future Intel processor technology, researchers are simulating collisions to study the impact on the brain, and use that information to design new football helmets that reduce the risk of short- and long-term injuries.
The equipment designed for the initial certification tests and described in the football helmet standard was then installed by the manufacturers in their plants, after which the manufacturers assumed responsibility for the certification.
The Rabbi exchanges his black fedora for a white football helmet, long enough to share inspiration, wit and four suggestions in transforming the Super Ball Game into a longer lasting lesson in the "Game of Life" and becoming that successful "Quarterback" in lifes goals.
Finally, Cox's doctor asked him to bring a football helmet to an examination to see if Cox might be able to pull off a comeback, and he was cleared.
A luxurious $75,000USD football helmet collection covered in gold and diamonds is to be unveiled to sports collectors worldwide.
Streid's Granada Hills High football helmet is half-full of stickers in the shape of a cannon, completely covering the back Ohio State-style.
Would the postman freak out if your mailbox suddenly looked like an oversized football helmet from your favorite college (item 66330 at www.
The draft football helmet standard to include pneumatic ram testing for rotational forces is on-track for elevation to final status at the June 2015 board meeting, with Friday's discussion centered on determining the pass/fail threshold.
The Revolution Speed football helmet - Riddell's latest breakthrough innovation -- is a combination of protection, comfort, and style that is taking the football world by storm.
The NRG football helmet, which will be seeded geographically in August and October ahead of a nationwide launch in 2011, joins the Rawlings S100 baseball batting helmet to further support Rawlings' leadership in protecting the heads of athletes.
To date, a total of 23 adult football helmet models have been evaluated, using more than 2,700 laboratory tests.