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the playing field on which football is played

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Nasser Abdullah Al Mushaiki, President of Al Husn Team, said: "The inauguration of the new green football field marks a milestone for the development of sports, especially the game of football, in the wilayat of Jaalan Bani bu Hasan.
The Hunting Park Football field is home to the North Philly Aztecs youth football program,the first inner city youth football team to win a Pop Warner Championship.
The new field might even help to change the perception of women's place in Afghanistan's society as it is planned for women football teams to train and play on the football field as well.
But just two months after the playground opened planning permission has been granted for a surgery between the football field and the play area.
The intent of this scope is to reconfigure this space to an active regulation football field with all amenities such as goal post, bleachers, sidewalks, announcing booth, concession stand, etc.
The opening ceremony of a main road, monument to a horse and football field was held in At-Bashy district of Naryn region on October 27, the press service of the governor's office of Naryn region reported.
The new EUR200,000 Astroturf football field in Kilmactigue in South Sligo was ripped up when the storm passed through on Saturday afternoon.
If he does not return to the football field, he would maintain his scholarship as a medically retired player, and the Bruins would be able to use it for another player.
If you round off the corners between the five-yard line and the goal line of a football field with cones, you will have an approximate 300-yard track.
An island the size of a football field has been floating around Island Pond in Springfield, Mass.
This asteroic measures about 300 meters (984 feet) across--about three times the length of a football field.
One project describes how to build a simple astrolabe for finding latitude, and another explains how to lay out a scale-model solar system on a football field.
Pant Glas for example is 50mph whilst in Bontnewydd where there is a new football field for the children of the village the speed limit has been increased from 30mph to 40mph on the 100 yard stretch passing the football field.
Everybody knows that our athletes rule the hardwood and the football field in terms of sheer numbers.
That's enough to cover Miami's Dolphin Stadium football field, end zone to end zone, more than 20.