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To become a football coach you will need to have energy, enthusiasm and the ability to motivate others, knowledge of, and keen interest in, football, good communication skills and patience and determination to succeed.
Angie has been a qualified football coach since 2004 and originally got into coaching because of her football-mad son who wanted to play for his local club Lambton Lions.
During times when wins are few, the talent is wanting, the depth is nonexistent, and Lady Luck is on a sabbatical, the real football coach will rise above it all and have his finest hour.
The greatest preparation I could possibly have for being a head football coach was working with Harry.
While he was respected as a winning football coach [at Stanford], he lacked all the right qualities," Grant continues, "He wasn't Irish, he wasn't Catholic, and he wasn't white.
One lucky reader will win a ticket to every home game next season for either Celtic or Rangers and a copy of Football Coach.
2 Sculpture: Woody Hays, legendary college football coach.
Besides Richardson and Nutt, three others on the list are in the field of athletics: Frank Broyles, the men's athletic director at UAF, who earns $120,345; Gary Blair, the women's basketball coach at UAF, who earns $115,500; and Joe Hollis, football coach at Arkansas State University, who earns $112,136.
A Stockton, CA youth football coach is caught on tape charging the field to level an opposing 13-year-old player who had just been flagged for a late hit on the coach's son.
THERE'S just one day remaining for Evertonians to nominate a local football coach to receive recognition for their dedication to the beautiful game.
Arnett "Ace" Mumford, the late, one-time Southern University head football coach, was named the AFCA's recipient of the 2006 Trailblazer Award, which will be presented posthumously at the AFCA Kickoff Luncheon on January 8 at AFCA Convention in San Antonio, TX.
School Superintendent Jo Ann Magistro discovered last fall that a longtime high school football coach had been actively involved in praying with his players, she realized the school district was confronted with a hot-button issue she had to tackle.
It's also what drew him to the role of Sean Porter, the tough-love football coach who turns a hardcore group of teenage gang-bangers from Camp Kilpatrick juvenile detention facility in Malibu into a high school football team in the new movie ``Gridiron Gang,'' which opens Friday.
EVERTON has launched a search for a local football coach who goes above and beyond the call of duty, as part of its heart-warming Christmas campaign.
Get into Football Coaching will give unemployed young people aged 16-25 the skills they need to pursue a career as a football coach and will include a practical work placement.
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