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a coach of football players

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The winning amateur football coach will become the first Blue Hero of Everton's 12 Days of Blue Crimbo.
And you don't have to be a top player to coach the game at grassroots level, Angie believes anybody can consider becoming a football coach: "Pretty much anyone can be a good football coach.
During times when wins are few, the talent is wanting, the depth is nonexistent, and Lady Luck is on a sabbatical, the real football coach will rise above it all and have his finest hour.
To become a football coach you will need to have energy, enthusiasm and the ability to motivate others, knowledge of, and keen interest in, football, good communication skills and patience and determination to succeed.
1 -- color) Dwayne ``The Rock'' Johnson was a lot like the kids he helps mold in his role as football coach in the movie, ``Gridiron Gang.
For the majority of his more than 20 years as the East Brunswick High School football coach, Borden had been actively involved in praying with his players.
With his 278 wins, Otton is Washington's all-time winningest football coach.
The greatest preparation I could possibly have for being a head football coach was working with Harry.
Keep A-Goin': The Life Of Lone Star Dietz by Tom Benjey is the remarkable, inspiring and distinctive biography of Billy Dietz, who was a winning athlete in his own right, a successful football coach in the earliest days of the sport (and who was inducted into football's "Hall of Fame", and popular idol with the general public of his era.
The hiring of Tyrone Willingham as head football coach at the University of Notre Dame pushed the "fast forward" button of opportunity in the minds of many who feel that African Americans have been left out of the college-level employment process, especially in Division 1 college football.
To mark the introduction of Celtic Football Coach and Rangers Football Coach on PC CDRom, Dixons are offering Daily Record readers the chance to win some fantastic prizes.
1 Sculpture: Vince Lombardi, legendary pro football coach.
Besides Richardson and Nutt, three others on the list are in the field of athletics: Frank Broyles, the men's athletic director at UAF, who earns $120,345; Gary Blair, the women's basketball coach at UAF, who earns $115,500; and Joe Hollis, football coach at Arkansas State University, who earns $112,136.
A Stockton, CA youth football coach is caught on tape charging the field to level an opposing 13-year-old player who had just been flagged for a late hit on the coach's son.
EVERTON has launched a search for a local football coach who goes above and beyond the call of duty, as part of its heart-warming Christmas campaign.
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