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shaped in the form of a foot

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5 times as long as greatest breadth, ventral root foot-shaped, posterior heel evident, dorsal root slender; gonostylus as long as gonocoxite, slender, with bent pointed tip lightly.
The newest foray for Elements: fizzing bath products, including the minty Fizzing Foot Bath, a foot-shaped tablet of sea salts, citric acid, essential oils, and botanicals that amounts to "a full-senses experience," said Christy.
A shoe is a hollow, foot-shaped object that provides a buffer zone between the pavement and the sole of the foot.
Every child who walks every Wednesday for half a term gets a foot-shaped badge as a prize and it has been a huge success.
The toe area of the shoe should be foot-shaped and deep enough to allow the toes to move freely and not be squashed.
Packaging: A foot-shaped sachet that's compact enough to pack in a suitcase if you're going away on holiday this month.
Chatsworth High School officials discovered on June 14 that someone had painted orange and blue footprints with a foot-shaped sponge all over the sidewalks, benches and walls of the school.
Each company makes its shoes around its own set of "lasts" or foot-shaped molds.
Styles with apical arm approximately seven times as long as its maximum width, with small sparse bristles; apex foot-shaped, directed dorsally, with short ventral spine.
Skiers wear short foot-shaped fun skis and don't use poles.
The "Big Foot" is a short, foot-shaped, fun ski popular in Klosters.
Perfect for shower, bathroom, poolside, deck or nursery, Sure Foot, a foot-shaped product, sold over a million units in 1995.
The booty included tote bags, towels, and a foot-shaped mug from a podiatrists' lobby.
Colha residents made foot-shaped stone tools that were chipped and sharpened on one side.
ALTRA introduces the first Zero Drop, fully cushioned, foot-shaped, gender-specific footwear line