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shaped in the form of a foot

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Lotion, Foot Mist, Foot Scrub, a pumice stone and a foot-shaped file
Skiers wear short foot-shaped fun skis and don't use poles.
The "Big Foot" is a short, foot-shaped, fun ski popular in Klosters.
Perfect for shower, bathroom, poolside, deck or nursery, Sure Foot, a foot-shaped product, sold over a million units in 1995.
Women have a different shape to their feet than men and when manufacturers do not properly adjust the shoe's last (the foot-shaped form over which the shoe is made), it means problems for women's feet.
The booty included tote bags, towels, and a foot-shaped mug from a podiatrists' lobby.
Colha residents made foot-shaped stone tools that were chipped and sharpened on one side.
ALTRA introduces the first Zero Drop, fully cushioned, foot-shaped, gender-specific footwear line
Another lone commuter was left with a foot-shaped bruise on her face.
Crime Prevention Officer Ian Solomon and colleague Jen Passmore are delivering foot-shaped leaflets at houses they spot with windows left ajar or doors propped open.
Row upon row of neat, perfectly-formed, foot-shaped sculptures.
The Silky Soles Foot Kit (pounds 5) contains a miniature foot scrub, lotion, a toe separator and foot-shaped file.
Students will earn foot-shaped tokens to keep on a key chain each time they complete five miles.
When searching for children's shoes, Rosemire said foot-shaped shoes (rather than pointed tips) are the most comfortable.
Plus, making the shoes using foot-shaped models (called "lasts") that more accurately mimic a wide variety of human feet and a cork lining that forms specifically to the wearer's