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people coming and going on foot

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The building's office tenants and their visitors will have improved access to its Fifth Avenue lobby as the Observatory entrance relocation will reduce main lobby foot traffic by more than 4 million visitors annually.
Additionally, the Empire State Building's office tenants and their visitors will enjoy improved access to the Fifth Avenue lobby with a reduced foot traffic by 4m visitors annually.
If you have a strong coffee business and solid foot traffic, you can add bakery items and breakfast sandwiches.
First, there was increased foot traffic into the booth so we could share the DTN story, and we were able to give our customers a small token of our appreciation.
A longtime midtown resident, Finkelstein shrugs off complaints that Times Square has been hopelessly Disneyfied and believes the series's new home will attract tourist and foot traffic along with more dancers, many of whom, Finkelstein says, live downtown or in Brooklyn and are sometimes reluctant to travel much beyond 14th Street.
The straightaway sections of Underpass ran parallel to the awkward trajectory of foot traffic beneath it and hung in a slope mimicking that of the Park Avenue overpass.
Shepperd is most widely known as the co-founder and former co-CEO of ShopperTrak, a company that established the most advanced line of intelligence solutions for retailers that rely on foot traffic.
Located between 11th and 12th streets, the site draws foot traffic from Union Square and presents an opportunity for exposure to shoppers and students from nearby NYU dormitories, The New School and the new Hyatt Union Square Hotel.
CHICAGO--Late holiday shoppers--in the week leading up to Christmas and on the day after the holiday--boosted sales and gave many retailers hope that this year's holiday season will outpace last year's, says the retail foot traffic counter ShopperTrak.
As the Cultural Affairs Department spent upward of $400,000 to run the Madrid -- with no budget to promote shows -- foot traffic lagged, night life died.
Those costs rise significantly during the holiday season due to holiday foot traffic, but with month-to-month leases standard, there is little up-front investment or commitment.
An association called Save Magnolia's Madronas (named for Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood, where many of the city's prime specimens are found) is working with the city to protect the trees by directing foot traffic away from roots, mulching soil, and planting small madrones near larger, dying ones.
Three bridges, including one for foot traffic, will span the marina and the channels, linking the island and the village so island residents can walk to village shops and restaurants, while mainland homeowners can enjoy private recreation offered at the Island Club House.
Because the floor that we redesigned for Mediaedge:cia gets the most foot traffic from potential clients, it was important for HOK to choreograph a new space that would showcase the firm's multi-faceted services and their brand while not creating the traditional "showroom" experience.
15 from its temporary home in the field at Wilson Avenue and Orange Street, where it saw less foot traffic than at its permanent location.