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If you love a foot stomping, sing-a-long anthem then look no further than Kassidy.
Lichfield Arts director Brian Pretty said "Catfish Keith is an international artist who has left audiences across the world spellbound with his innovative, foot stomping, delta country blues.
The countrified track, Words Just Get In The Way, the foot stomping groove of Keys To The World and the heartbreaking Sweet Brother Malcolm, prove the diversity and skillfulness Ashcroft has for timeless songwriting.
THE TONGANS breathed fire as they interrupted the famous All Black Haka with their own dramatic outpouring of foot stomping aggression.
There's ``Never Did No Wanderin','' a stirring ditty about a heroic homebody; ``The Good Book Song,'' which cheerily points out the price you pay when you don't follow the Bible; and ``A Mighty Wind'' itself, an infectious piece of idiocy that might get your foot stomping in spite of your better judgment.
Veterans Ballroom Glitz are back for a night of foot stomping action and they will be performing 70s classics wearing authentic dress.
Highlight of the night was Block's `headline' slot which merited two encores - granted after much cheering and foot stomping.