foot rule

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a ruler one foot long

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Graham, "Spearman's Foot rule as a Measure of Disarray", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, pp.
In September 2006, the New York State Liquor Authority announced a moratorium on the issuance of new nightclub, bar and cabaret licenses in Manhattan that are subject to the 500 foot rule.
They also have disciplinary rules in place, which are similar to Miller Technology's plant, except they call it the "four foot rule.
People with a permit to possess the firearm are exempted from the 1000 foot rule, but only if the permit is issued by the state they are in at the moment.
Yes, cricket was a different ballgame four decades back u the pitches were not covered overnight, there was no restriction on the number of bouncers per over, the front foot rule in no-balls were yet to be applied u not to talk of the poor quality of the equipment.