foot rot

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contagious degenerative infection of the feet of hoofed animals (especially cattle and sheep)

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plant disease in which the stem or trunk rots at the base

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Efficacy of fungicides and biocontrol agents against sclerotium rolfsii causing foot rot disease of finger millet, under in vitro conditions.
Major diseases of the field were diarrhoea (80%), upper respiratory tract infection (15%) and rest were (5%) trauma, heat exhaustion, foot rot, arthropod/vector borne diseases.
The disease is caused by one or more Fusarium species and complex of disease symptoms including seedling blight, root rot, crown rot, stunting, and the most classical symptoms of etiolation, hypertrophy effect or excessive elongation of infected plants, foot rot, seedlings rot, grain sterility, grain discoloration with ultimate effect on yield and seed quality have been recorded from different regions of the world (Sun and Snyder, 1981; Ou, 1985; Webster and Gunnell, 1992; Desjardins et al.
Foot rot is caused by a synergistic reaction between the organisms Fusobacterium necrophorum, Dichelobactor nodosus and Arcanobacterium pyogenes in the foot.
560 bp further confirmed that the causal agent f foot rot disease of black pepper in Sarawak was P.
Table 1: Resistance of cucumber plants to Fusarium foot rot induced by supplying Si in different concentrations.
Under no circumstances should soil around the proposed planting site be removed to form a shallow basin for watering to do so almost guarantees that the young grapefruit tree will contract foot rot and die before its fifth year.
The department conducted this awareness campaign so that they could tell them on how to isolate the crops from foot rot bacteria, in order to produce rich yield all around the year.
Someone else having to deal with foot rot, they replied (it stinks).
In fact about 300,000 cattle are killed each year with farmyard diseases such as mastitis and foot rot, as well as thousands of bull calves considered not commercially viable.
Diseases such as foot rot, diarrhea and smallpox, have been spreading since the start of the Afghan New Year, on March 21, farmers in the province say.
Then I went to skate this contest in Atlanta and I had the foot rot.
Researchers Professor Laura Green and Dr Jasmeet Kaler investigated why the disease foot rot, which causes sheep to limp, is so common even though it's cheap and quick to treat.
Sole injuries, infection of the skin around the hoof, and foot rot are all more likely to occur when wet conditions soften up the tissues and makes them more vulnerable to bruising and injury (nicks and scrapes) that open the way for infection.
We're going on holiday to Majorca for a couple of weeks but by then I will have foot rot and be hermetically sealed into a wetsuit.