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This large 30 litre capacity bin has a foot pedal mechanism and removable inner bucket for emptying.
The length of the individual paper strips can be infinitely varied with the use of a foot pedal.
The Swiv-O-Matic foot pedal led to the creation of flexible hardware for cymbals and tom-toms that set the standard for durability and ease of use, while the company's memory-lock system has been adapted by almost every other manufacturer.
The saws are equipped with a three-sided wire mesh safety enclosure, augmented by a front protection curtain with safety bar and foot pedal.
Reloading of media into the pressure vessel from the storage hopper occurs automatically each time the operator releases the foot pedal depressurizing the vessel.
The lift is achieved by pumping a foot pedal, which activates a hydraulic cylinder.
But her alter ego is an indentured servant named Nabby Pendergast, who crouches over a spinning wheel in a ruffled dust cap, pumping a foot pedal to transform wool into thread.
The first of its kind in the UK, it involves containers fitted with a foot pedal that squashes the bottles as they enter the bank, making space for more bottles.
The operator positions the dispensing tip and presses a foot pedal to apply the correct amount of material.
It includes a foot pedal capture device to keep clinicians' hands free and RS-232 ports for the attachment of telemonitoring devices for capturing patients' vital signs, as well as other pertinent patient information and images to be collected, stored in a patient record and transferred via e-mail to consulting clinicians.
the Pro Air Lift and Rotate Tables feature platform sizes up to 48" x 60" and are equipped with either a pedestal-installed control station or a foot pedal control.
The endoscope snakes through one hole and the doctor controls the camera's path, using a foot pedal or microphone that relays vocal commands to the endoscope.
With One-Pedal flexibility - one foot pedal secures the entire bed, rather than locks at two or more corners, and an ultra-quiet DC motor eliminates the annoying electrical hum that occurs with AC motors.
Actuation by a springloaded foot pedal or toggle switch is offered on many models.
The K3127-1, features a foot pedal and receiver in which wireless pedal decreases clutter as well as enhance workplace safety by eliminating cords that can lead to tripping hazards in the shop environment.