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a specialist in care for the feet

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He graduated from the course in 2004 and, after securing funds, he opened the doors of The Foot Doctor in March 2005.
A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE "My dad is a foot doctor, which comes in handy.
If you need help taking care of your feet, make an appointment to see a foot doctor, also called a podiatrist.
A trip to the foot doctor inspired an art project that was exciting from the first wrapping of the foot to the final transformation of a nursery rhyme.
If you develop any signs of infection: redness, oozing of pus, and/or a feeling of pain, check with your doctor or podiatrist (pode-EYE-uh-trist), or foot doctor.
There was a phone call from a parishioner who needed to go to a foot doctor, and I was able to arrange for someone to take them.
According to Eddie Wilson, director of sales for Health o meter, the suit involved Health o meter's Big Foot Doctor Scale Plus line and Terraillon's TPRO 1000 scale.
If you need help with your care, see a podiatrist, or foot doctor, for advice and treatment.
Previous tenants have included a clothing store, a call center and a foot doctor, he said.
Yummy) in 2037, he decided to concentrate on something else he knew well - and put his name to a series of foot doctor practices called Metatarsals R Us.
Now Rugby man Brendan Wrighton, who started The Foot Doctor, is hoping to scoop the top prize worth more than pounds 7,000 at a gala awards dinner in London on October 2.
When I went to the foot doctor, he told me that it would take 24 hours after cutting out the toenails before I could play golf again.
Michael Douglas gets to do the James Bond thing here as flashy secret agent Steve Tobias, whose son is marrying the daughter of a timid foot doctor called Jerry (Albert Brooks).
If you cannot cut your own toenails, ask someone who can or go to a foot doctor.
I fell in love while waiting to see the foot doctor.