foolish woman

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a female fool

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Mrs Dogar is a garrulous and foolish woman who needs reminding that, had her boys and their partners-in-crime even been suspected of such crimes in Pakistan, none would have reached court alive, much less had a trial.
Judge Milford said: "You have been an extremely foolish woman, you could expect to be sent straight to prison for this.
As Job 2:10 said: "You are talking like a foolish woman.
I think she's decided, as many before her, that her husband was an idiot who made use of a foolish woman but gave that woman no sliver of his heart.
She wasn't a foolish woman, and I wonder if she recorded the information in the knowledge that some day something might happen to her.
If the government can find means to release Irish terrorists before they have served their full sentence, then support for a foolish woman who has served three times the fair sentence would not be inappropriate.
But then, lest the reader think she waxes too philosophical, Lispector reminds us that foolishness can have definite disadvantages and tells the story of a foolish woman who was duped into buying a defective air conditioner.
Strunk's character, Jewett did precisely that Myra was labeled by the defense as a mere "vain foolish woman.
Only a foolish woman, a woman who ignored the dictates of femininity, behaved as though she was not endangered, as though a man's protection was irrelevant.
Foolish woman soon recoiled when I told her how many albums I owned.
To me she's rather a foolish woman, if she needs help she should have paid the pounds 10.
She is a foolish woman who blames her own cabbage (Danish); Hairy husband, smooth happiness (Estonian)
It looks like Dave has worked his way back into Bev's bed, the foolish woman.