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Synonyms for fooling

characterized by a feeling of irresponsibility


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I ain't a man to go fooling around--I'm a man that DOES things, I tell you.
Well," says I, "I think they are a pack of flat- heads for not keeping the palace themselves 'stead of fooling them away like that.
it is clear that she kept on deliberately encouraging the suitors, though we are asked to believe that she was only fooling them.
Today I have squandered fifteen thousand roubles at that accursed roulette of yours, and though, five years ago, I promised the people of a certain suburb of Moscow to build them a stone church in place of a wooden one, I have been fooling away my money here
I'm in a mess with the ink and in a thundering bad temper; and if anything more in the cat or dog line comes fooling about me this morning, it had better bring its own funeral contractor with it.