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The more pertinent lesson might simply be that it is foolhardy to attempt ever to be definitive about another human being within the pages of a book.
There you will find Teddy Roosevelt, president, police commissioner, muscular Christian, reformer, trust-buster, Nobel Prize winner, political blunderer, big game hunter, conservationist, founder of the Progressive Party, foolhardy adventurer, a man who never really grew up.
Long before a PGA Tour card became a gold carrot and platinum passport to prosperity, those who aspired to play golf professionally were considered foolhardy souls with an aversion to dirty fingernails and sweaty brows.
A company with a global brand and a knowledge-based strategy would be foolhardy to partner with firms in such countries, however talented or inexpensive the services offered.
A fine of billions will make them think twice before embarking on other foolhardy ventures.
Coastguard Steven Poar said: "This man was foolhardy.
The idea of bloodletting or shock therapy as cures for what ails you seems antiquated and foolhardy.
His bill, "anybody making any money off someone else's foolhardy behavior.
To identify world civilization with American values may seem foolhardy, especially before people who are well aware of the pockmarks on American foreign and domestic policy.
Microsoft's failure to recognize its precarious position and it's foolhardy insistence on sacrificing billions in market capitalization to pursue an unwinnable case was a function of that immensity.
It would be foolhardy, however, to overextend the reaches of "indifference, dislike and .
It would be foolhardy for a lender to set up a system that addressed only 1 percent of the mortgages.
It would be foolhardy for me or anyone else to speculate where it may eventually end up," he said.
The title of this admirable book is apt, for the bravest, most venturesome, and at times seemingly foolhardy acts of the civil rights movement were carried out by the young.