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Synonyms for fool



act or play the fool


fool around or about: mess about

fool around with something


Synonyms for fool

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

to waste time by engaging in aimless activity

to handle something idly, ignorantly, or destructively

to move one's fingers or hands in a nervous or aimless fashion

fool around: to waste time by engaging in aimless activity

fool around: to make jokes; behave playfully

fool around: to engage in kissing, caressing, and other amorous behavior

fool around: to be sexually unfaithful to another

fool away: to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

Synonyms for fool

a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of

a professional clown employed to entertain a king or nobleman in the Middle Ages

make a fool or dupe of

indulge in horseplay

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One-piece construction with a variety of head and neck poses to add the proper realism to your spread, these foolers are hand-painted and flocked with the correct coloring.
With the bulk of the midge small, tiny Palominos and Sugar Cubes in Hare's Ear and Olive were again good trout foolers - though more exciting sport could be had with pulled or static (and ginked) Silver Invictas in anything of a ripple.
Fowl Foolers works hard to make decoys that last a lifetime.
For a few bucks more, Fowl Foolers will also slap on a protective coating for the iciest of conditions.
Every walk-in hunter needs a good duck strap, and this leather one from Fowl Foolers will last a lifetime (you will probably be able to hand it down to the junior hunter in your blind).