fool's errand

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a fruitless mission

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It struck him at once that Philip had been sent for, and he was amused that he had been brought on a fool's errand.
Take my advice then, and do not go travelling about for long so far from home, nor leave your property with such dangerous people in your house; they will eat up everything you have among them, and you will have been on a fool's errand.
Sorry to bring you out on such a fool's errand, Watson," he said at last.
It was the cheapest shot in the game; the dear ones were sending old Theobald to Southampton on a fool's errand yesterday afternoon, and showing one's own nose down Regent Street in broad daylight while he was gone; but some things are worth paying for, and certain risks one must always take.
Then there were the usual minor tortures inflicted on new boys - some heads were ducked in the lavatory pans, some were sent on fool's errands to a local shop where cigarettes were obligingly sold singly - and no doubt the school buildings seemed vast, the assembled staff in their black gowns at first sight formidable and distant.
Bennett's kindness in pushing her van through Camden, with no thanks for his effort, was the first of many fool's errands he would run for the 6ft, 60-something former wartime ambulance driver.
It is high time Lord Justice Scott Baker got a grip, stopped sending attention-seeking former flunkies on fool's errands and started to close down this voyeuristic, distasteful freak show.