fool's errand

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a fruitless mission

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That's a fool's errand because other nations want to keep those jobs, and they ought to.
To argue that the only way to stop terrorism at home is for the United States to intervene militarily and stabilize the many parts of the Middle East that are in conflict is to commit Washington to a fool's errand for decades.
But it's customers who will tell you what they want in a product aACA* it'll be a fool's errand to think otherwise.
But it seems to me that trying to anticipate Clinton's fortunes by deconstructing her every public utterance is a fool's errand.
The older you get, the more you realise what a fool's errand much of that is.
Hamm, however, was quick to add, "to second-guess it at this point is a fool's errand.
That Kim did not achieve half the things with which he is credited by North Korean academia, print, and broadcast media is a side issue; Suh Dae-sook already made that point, and, in any case, clashing with partisan charismatic mythmaking over issues of accuracy is a fool's errand.
It is a fool's errand, there isn't one reason, there are many.
It's a fool's errand to believe that the future could be better than the past.
Nation-building in a land of tribes and warlords, with no cultural tradition of central authority, was a fool's errand.
When it comes to the shutdown that's going on, I heard just before I came some senator from Arizona, uh, a guy that liked Gaddafi before he wanted to bomb him, a guy that liked Mubarak before he wanted him out, a guy that's been to Syria and supported Al-Qaeda and rebels, but he was saying today the shutdown has been a fool's errand," Gohmert said.
The sceptics say this is all just process and the reality on the ground means that Mr Kerry is on a fool's errand.
I found that the automatic gearbox did such a good job with barely noticeable moves up or down that it was a fool's errand trying to better its performance.
It is a fool's errand for any owner or property manager to attempt it.