fool's paradise

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an illusory state of wellbeing

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Europe has also been living in a fool's paradise by allowing itself to become too dependent on Russia for energy.
People wishing to occupy Bacha Khan Markaz, are living in a fool's paradise," he said, adding, that the Markaz was a property of the ANP founded by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan whose son Khan Abdul Wali Khan united the whole Pakhtoon nation under its banner.
Try living in fool's paradise thanks to Michael Kilkie's easy recipe for a classic fruit dessert with mango and lime.
Following their work together on Fool's Paradise for Morphoses, in 2011 he and choreographer Christopher Wheeldon premiered their full-length ballet of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for The Royal Ballet and The National Ballet of Canada.
If one feels cricket can be cleansed of this malaise, then they are surely living in a fool's paradise.
If someone thinks they are supreme to the law, they are living in a fool's paradise," he added.
For centuries, the clergy has been untouchable, living in a fool's paradise.
IF anyone on the board or part of the management team believe Newcastle United can do without finding a replacement for Demba Ba when he goes to the African Nations Cup, then they are living in a fool's paradise.
For years we lived in something of a fool's paradise, enjoying mild winters with hardly a crystal of ice to bother us.
Together they have created a fool's paradise, where people's mortgage payments are comparatively low and lenders are being especially tolerant of late payers," he added.
HEADCAT - Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk VERDICT:MOTORHEAD'S Lemmy has again teamed up with Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B Harvey from Lonesome Spurs and The Rockats for an album of rockabilly standards, the follow-up to 2006's Fool's Paradise.
Yet with even certain investments having proven to be a fool's paradise, institutions have had to remain on their toes.
To expect otherwise is to live in a fool's paradise and Gbagbo is no fool.
When the car is gone they quickly realise that the driveway is a fool's paradise and learn the lesson the hard way.
Those who are involved in the killing of Baloch leaders and aim at weakening the national movement are living in a fool's paradise or are ignorant of Baloch history," the BNP chief said.