fool's gold

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a common mineral (iron disulfide) that has a pale yellow color

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Scientists are recreating ancient forms of the mineral pyrite -- dubbed fool's gold for its metallic lustre -- that reveal details of past geological events.
Studying the composition of different forms of iron in fool's gold gave scientists clues as to how conditions such as atmospheric oxygen influenced the processes forming the compound.
I remember concluding temporarily, that it was a search for Fool's Gold and that they wouldn't find real gold until they were older.
See the result, a show called Fool's Gold, on the main stage at the Lawrence Batley Theatre on Wednesday May 26.
Film Fool's Gold Sky Movies Comedy, 8pm Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson star as soon-tobe divorced couple Ben and Tess, who constantly row about Ben's obsessive pursuit of treasure called the Queen's Dowry.
Fool's Gold is all at sea from the opening frames, failing to remain afloat either as an action adventure or as a frothy comedy.
Fool's Gold fails to remain afloat either as an action adventure or as a frothy comedy.
An action-romance in the vein of Romancing the Stone, only not as good, Fool's Gold is not so much a movie as it is an experience: an experience akin to spending a couple of hours in one of those theme restaurants that hawk the laid-back beach-bum lifestyle by plying you with drinks that taste like suntan lotion.
National Treasure and its hare-brained sequel attempted a similar melding of genres with entertaining results, but Fool's Gold isn't in the same league, diving to preposterous depths to convince us to care about the former husband and wife heroes and their sidekicks.
FOOL'S Gold looks like gold at first, but is worthless.
In the provocatively-titled final chapter, "Evidence-based practice: gold standard, gold plated, or fool's gold," Robert J.
Co-chairs Malora Shaw and Doug Luckett rounded up cloggers, cowpoke games and stick horse races to set the Wild West scene, and the tastebud-ticklin' spread from Morton's included Fool's Gold Chicken Fried Steak and Claim-jumping Crispy Pork Ribs.
One of the most frustrating hires you'll make in Japan is the division head who brings all the promise of a gold mine, but all the results of fool's gold.
Fool's Gold, How Do You Sleep and the mighty She Bangs The Drums might have seemed strange sung in Squire's Bob Dylan croak, but they never sounded more inspiring musically.
The underwriter's eternal quest for the silver bullet has always failed, and will always fail, to include the most recent silver bullet, credit scoring: Correlation without causation is statistically fool's gold.