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He has not yet faced any problem, consuming expired foodstuffs.
UK-based SugaRich, which converts surplus food into animal feed, has been a key force behind the creation of the European Former Foodstuff Processors Association.
The company also supplies foodstuff to customers in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and Far Eastern markets.
The Gourmet Olive Market is a brand new company created by Pulsar Foodstuff, which is offering the UAE and greater GCC the world's finest olives.
Rawalpindi -- A laboratory report has divulged that most of the foodstuff prepared and sold at the Rawalpindi cantonment jurisdiction was unsafe and hazardous for consumption.
Authorities have ordered those selling foodstuff in stores and markets to ensure the products that have proper validity dates.
The seasonal project is meant to ease the suffering of low-income families and fulfil their necessary needs of essential foodstuff commodities during the holy month.
Municipal authorities on Monday removed nearly 10 tonnes of foodstuff from several shops at Kilo Market, located on the Central Market premises in Abu Hamour, as the items were reportedly affected by the smoke that emanated from the stores destroyed by Sunday's fire.
The production of encapsulated fish oil and adding it to foodstuff is one of the methods to increase the consumption of omega-3 unsaturated fat oil.
Muzdalifa, Dhu-AlHijjah 10, 1436, Sep 24, 2015, SPA -- Arafa Day witnessed abundance of supply of foodstuffs, water, juices, refreshments, milks, food meals and other commodities, at the holy sites shops, mats, fixed refrigerators, mobile cars loaded with supply commodities, to meet the needs of the pilgrims.
The health services are recalling a frozen foodstuff that was manufactured without the proper certification.
Commenting on the seminar, Al Harthi said the association and the Arab Federation for Food Industries both play a vital role in tightening the control over the beverages and foodstuff industry by setting the specifications and standards in compliance with the international health and safety standards.
The new facility would allow Univeg to strengthen its position as one of the leading distributors of foodstuff s in Bulgaria and meet higher quality standards, the company's transport and logistics manager Jaak De Witte said.
Kyrgyz government called on the international community to send urgent foodstuff and medical equipment," it said.
He said that another explosive charge blew off close to a foodstuff market on the main highway passing through the area, wounding three persons, completely destroying the market and causing damage to a civilian car.