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being without food

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One of the Pharisees held out a coin in his palm, with Caesar's face staring right up at him like, well, like the ruler who built the roads and bridges and fed the foodless and led the armies and levied more taxes on the rich than the poor, and, if you didn't pay your taxes, could have you arrested--that guy Oh yeah, Caesar used taxes for welfare, too, and even the big tunics of Jesus' time felt they somehow had less because those who had nothing got to lick the pot.
With every rise in electricity tariff and gas and petroleum prices; a new wave of inflation kicks in, in the guts of the poor and leave them breathless and foodless.
A survey by Save the Children found that 24 percent of families in India, 27 percent in Nigeria and 14 percent in Peru now have foodless days.
Indigenous people have depended on the forest for centuries, and will soon become landless, foodless, waterless and homeless.
Once the agents have been rendered "chartless, foodless, tentless, gunless .
Besides working for near-minimum wage at a buffet when he was 14, at Burger King in high school (at which point he was already selling anyway and basically flipping burgers for free food), and for a single-day stint packing VHS boxes for Disney's Mulan from which he was fired for fainting after a seven-blunt, foodless lunch break.
This is to-day third of the days since she persists to close, Foodless, in drouth, her ambrosial mouth Death is her choice, on to that goal urged by her secret woes.
In fact I probably made up for the previous few foodless days.
The show was held at Jharoka Art gallery for collecting donations for the flood affectees and served as a relief campaign to help needy, helpless and foodless flood victims.
Across the 'trackless plains' and in the 'darkened air', 'the foodless wilds/Pour forth their brown inhabitants':