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being without food

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Besides working for near-minimum wage at a buffet when he was 14, at Burger King in high school (at which point he was already selling anyway and basically flipping burgers for free food), and for a single-day stint packing VHS boxes for Disney's Mulan from which he was fired for fainting after a seven-blunt, foodless lunch break.
This is to-day third of the days since she persists to close, Foodless, in drouth, her ambrosial mouth Death is her choice, on to that goal urged by her secret woes.
In fact I probably made up for the previous few foodless days.
Once the agents have been rendered "chartless, foodless, tentless, gunless .
Indigenous people have depended on the forest for centuries, and will soon become landless, foodless, waterless and homeless.
The International Perspective on AIDS plenary will be a foodless plenary, where for the second consecutive year NMAC will provide donations to International AIDS Organizations in lieu of food.
The rules will penalise the worst off in English society since old-fashioned, foodless pubs - where smoking will be allowed - proliferate in poorer areas.
GRAY William (Bill) If seasons all were summers, And leaves would never fall, And hopping casement-cumers Were foodless not at all, And fragile folk might be here That white winds bid depart; Then one I used to see here Would warm my wasted heart
The show will serve as a relief campaign to help needy, helpless and foodless flood victims, said Naheeda Raza, organizer of the exhibition.
Busy weekends could be topped off with foodless dinner parties, for example.
social justice" volunteer projects to directly help the illiterate, the homeless, and the foodless.
LAST week I asked you to decipher the bank card number IOU04I80 that a foodless peer wrote on the back of his cheque in a restaurant.
As is the tradition at USCA, Saturday's foodless plenary will benefit international AIDS organizations.
But the bitter truth came home to him at last: at best their provision would take them to their goal; and when the task was done, there they would come to an end, alone, houseless, foodless in the midst of a terrible desert.
I wouldn't wake up to a shrieking alarm clock every morning and get on a train to work if I didn't know the alternative was a shelterless, foodless and eventually breathless existence six feet under the ground.