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(ecology) a community of organisms where there are several interrelated food chains

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One surprising finding was how important the dissolved organic material like methane was to the caves food web.
For each food web, we examined numerous variables related to food web network structure, metabolic mode, and body size.
How did tracking snowy owls help scientists understand the food web in the Arctic?
This has led to die reduction of individuals in upper trophic levels, potentially contributing to instability of the food web and/or alteration of ecosystem control mechanisms.
Of the putative estuarine habitat types, oyster reefs lag behind in our ecological understanding, particularly as they relate to food web dynamics.
Naturally occurring stable isotopes can be used to quantify food web structure (Peterson & Fry 1987; Fry 1988; Doi 2009).
By examining it, the scientists can determine what is called the "trophic level" of each haddock, or its place within the food web hierarchy.
It seeks to explain how wildlife survives in the wild, what sort of food webs exist, threats to the habitats and how man can protect habitats.
Mitchell and his co-authors, Peter Roopnarine of the California Academy of Sciences and Kenneth Angielczyk of the Field Museum, reconstructed terrestrial food webs for 17 Cretaceous ecological communities.
Given that it is important to recognize the essential role of decomposers/detritavores in a food web, challenge students to discuss and find a way to integrate these organisms into their food-web models.
Keystone species are the most important links in ecological food webs.
Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld's SECRETS OF THE GARDEN: FOOD CHAINS AND THE FOOD WEB IN OUR BACKYARD (9780517709900, $16.
The results indicate "that wasps probably participated in the food web, mostly composed of scavenging insects, which developed on the rotten egg.
She's found that the oil also has contaminated microscopic organisms called plankton--the cornerstone of the Gulf's food web (see diagram, below).
Each summer, an explosion of tiny ocean-dwelling plants and algae, called phytoplankton, anchors the Arctic food web.
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