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food that is discarded (as from a kitchen)

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This program is one way we can start to tackle hunger and food waste in our community to benefit those in need.
Halloween might have been and gone for another year, but the frightening festival brings its own scary statistics in food waste.
As we continue to offer customers a more cost-effective and technologically innovative solution compared to traditional food waste disposal, MZ's expertise will help us to build strong relationships.
1 million students will be enrolled in more than 4,000 institutions of higher learning in the United States generating approximately 6,600 tons of food waste each day.
Berkswell WI member June Smitten organised the unique trip, during which the group shared a cuppa with Jon Kendall, Severn Trent's food waste manager, before taking a tour of the site.
The study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, looked at data from six European countries - the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Romania - to estimate levels of food waste in the EU.
The GWYRIAD plant, which became operational in 2013, was the first to be commissioned by a local authority in the UK and converts 11,000 tonnes of food waste a year into renewable electricity and a valuable fertilizer.
To Support UN Goals on Food Waste Reduction at Consumer Level and Across Supply Chains
This puts food waste by humans in third place in methane emissions behind the busy economies of China and the United States, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.
But by separating food waste for recycling, we can use it to create renewable energy and valuable fertiliser, so it's much better for the environment.
The report said most of Canadians' food waste happens once bought by consumers:
Sending food waste to a landfill represents a missed opportunity to reduce costs, protect the environment and help our neighbors,'' said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA's New England office.
New insights on how to reduce household food waste can help industry target their activity and enable their customers to waste less and save money.
A COUNTY Durham-based food waste collection and disposal company is working with food catering specialists Taylor Shaw to process the leftover food waste from over 200 schools across Durham for the production of biogas.
The machine will help the hotel reduce solid food waste to landfill by up to 90% by transforming the waste into organic fertiliser.
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