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food that is discarded (as from a kitchen)

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Today's campuses are doing their part to expand their sustainability efforts by designing ambitious goals and processes to reduce their food waste to near zero.
Berkswell WI member June Smitten organised the unique trip, during which the group shared a cuppa with Jon Kendall, Severn Trent's food waste manager, before taking a tour of the site.
The report said most of Canadians' food waste happens once bought by consumers:
Using insight to target industry and consumer action is vital, and was hugely instrumental in helping to reduce household food waste by 21 percent from 2007-2012.
Adam Warren, Director at Emerald Biogas, said: "As part of the project we will work with the pupils to help them understand the growing impact of food waste disposal and the environmentally friendly solutions that are available.
By 2011, the Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA) had been established, which consisted of all three organizations working toward reducing the amount of food going to landfills and feeding more of America's hungry.
Food waste is the single largest type of waste entering our landfills -- Americans throw away up to 40 percent of their food.
Food Waste Challenge is to lead a fundamental shift in how Americans think about and manage food and food waste.
Food waste in the United States is estimated at between 30 and 40 percent of the food supply, according to a statement by the two agencies.
The aim of the SAVE FOOD initiative is to reduce the problem of food loss and food waste by networking the know-how of the participating organizations and enterprises.
With landfills producing around 17 percent of methane emissions, largely from food waste, it is no wonder the EPA is pushing for food-waste reduction with the EPA's Food Recovery Challenge.
My local council is introducing kerbside collection for food waste but friends who do this tell me the slop buckets smell awful.
MY local council is planning to introduce a kerbside collection for food waste but friends who do this tell me the slop buckets smell awful.
HOME OWNERS are being urged to make full use of food waste recycling facilities as latest figures show 30% are not doing it.
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