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a government-issued stamp that can be used in exchange for food

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was the first to spot the opportunity: If energy assistance were increased, food stamp benefit reductions for many people would be avoided.
LeNoir, the 114th NMA President, is concerned about the long-term impact of these reductions to food stamp recipients.
If Congress fails to approve a new farm bill this year, differences over the extent of food stamp cuts are predicted to be the main reason.
Essentially, this provision gave states the option to substantially broaden their food stamp eligibility standards, weakening the income limits and waiving the asset limits entirely.
But the rise in food stamp users is not a new dilemma.
The Majlis approved the Food Stamp plan February 24 by a vote 144 to 29 with 23 deputies abstaining.
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich provoked a backlash in December when he called Obama "the best food stamp president in American history," drawing accusations of coded racist "dog-whistling.
District of Columbia, 23% of the population is on food stamps, up 1.
The Food Stamp Program potentially increases obesity by increasing food consumption, resulting in excessive caloric intake.
5) Similar arguments apply to the FSP; in fact several studies find that food stamp participation leads to a reduction in nutritional intake.
We cannot prove that the Food Stamp Program causes weight gain, but this study suggests a strong linkage," asserts Patricia Smith, professor of economics.
LAHORE, July 21, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Members of opposition in Punjab Assembly while filing adjournment motion in the Assembly Secretariat demanded of the Chief Minister of Punjab to uncover the elements involved in the food stamp scam.
As a barometer of the country's economic health, food stamp usage may not be perfect, but can certainly tell a story.
About 26 million people across the country face the real food stamp challenge every day.