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a kitchen appliance with interchangeable blades

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Above a display table, hang a poster that declares, "Buy a food processor and you get an assistant chef
As a proven primary supplier to many of our large food processor customers, this investment ensures that we will be able to continue to provide quality products and service," said Peter Lazaredes, Pactiv's executive vice president and general manager, Foodservice/Food Packaging.
Vorwerk, De'longhi, Groupe SEB, CTC Clatronic and Severin are some of the leading players operating in Poland residential multi-functional cooking food processor market in 2016.
In a food mill, blender, or food processor, puree tomato mixture.
Food processors are designed to perform the tasks of virtually any--and sometimes every--other small appliance in the kitchen.
Williams-Sonoma and Bloomingdale's were the retailers that launched the first Cuisinart food processor in the early 1970s.
For instance, a quick fix for lumpy gravy is to simply run it through the food processor and press "pulse" a few times.
In every display in your store that depicts a kitchen setting, you should include a food processor of some kind.
The Bosch Universal Kitchen System combines a food processor with a blender, along myriad other attachments, including a pastry press, sausage stuffer, pasta attachment and juicer.
Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor container.
Consumer demographics are providing a great opportunity for the food processor category.
A classic pate sucree (sugar dough) goes together in a jiffy in a food processor.
In every in-store display depicting a kitchen setting, include a food processor of some kind.
Also Krups and KitchenAid small food processors like Krups Mini Pro and the small food processor from KitchenAid with the mini insert bowl have been doing well for us.
Another stuffing option is Steve's delicious mortadella mousse, which goes together in a jiffy in a food processor.