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There have been many instances of finding snake, lizard in mid-day meal that leads to food poisoning of children.
Officials insist it is impossible to smell the bacteria which causes food poisoning and it's always safer to check the "use by" date Another kitchen error is failing to check the fridge is at the right temperature - too warm and harmful bacteria can grow more quickly.
Food poisoning comes on quickly and it makes you feel awful.
On June 27, Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital attended to the emergency medical needs of 31 Grade 11 students of SRNHS after they complained of abdominal pains, nausea, diarrhea, fever, and headache, telltale signs of food poisoning.
Food poisoning also commonly occurs when food isn't reheated properly.
When this fact was established, Capuchino said local health workers conducted a rectal swabbing of the victims to gather samples for examination to identify the cause of the food poisoning incidents.
The worst case involved that of the durian candy, which resulted in the food poisoning of 1,350 people.
If we all assumed that every chicken bought was contaminated with bacteria that would cause food poisoning - which it undoubtedly is - and handled the meat accordingly and cooked it thoroughly, we wouldn't suffer food poisoning.
At present another 6 children have been hospitalized with light symptoms of food poisoning.
A CAMPAIGN to reduce the numbers falling ill from food poisoning due to raw chicken has been launched.
The latest food poisoning epidemic spreading in New Zealand is blamed on packaged carrots and lettuce.
Kalba: At least six kindergarten pupils at a government school here have taken ill from suspected food poisoning in Kalba city, an official said on Wednesday.
WE have a seen a jump in the number of claims related to food poisoning in Knowsley, in recent weeks, with victims reporting everything from fever to diarrhoea and vomiting.
Myth - food poisoning is always caused by the last meal you ate.
The FSA says this could lead to a potentially dangerous form of food poisoning.