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07 million tons (mt) of food grain of which only 5.
Perhaps, digital supply chain management and real-time tracking of food grain movement need to be pushed further.
INDIA is expected to produce more fruits and vegetables than food grains for the second consecutive time.
SANA'A, May 23 (Saba)- The productivity of food grains in Yemen dropped in 2013 to 863,934 tons, with a decrease of 45,807 tons compared to 2012.
Thomas said: "The rate of waste of food grain the country has reduced considerable.
You cannot eradicate hunger by providing 166 gm food grain per day," he declared to conclude: "It's a vote security, not a food security legislation by the government that's on its way out.
Main food grain demand pushers such as population and per capita income are growing at a faster rate than domestic production of food grains.
Wheat occupies a central position in agricultural policies because it is grown on about 41 per cent of the cropped area and accounts for 76 per cent of the total food grain production.
The sampled food grain marketers were identified through their various registered marketing unions/associations.
The Agriculture Ministry, the Storage department of the Food Ministry reported a record food grain production and therefore initiated efforts to accommodate the surplus quantity.
In India the government encourages farmers to invest with a food grain insurance policy," he adds.
ITC handles the export of livestock feed, food grain, coffee, spices, fruits, prawns and other products.
Chapter III (Model Development: The Agriculture Sector): Various mathematical models (equations) are developed in this chapter including (1) technical efficiency and production function, (2) estimation of crop output, (3) technical efficiency and technical progress, (4) input demand, (5) fertilizers demand, (6) demand for tractors, (7) irrigated area, (8) gross cropped area, (9) crop output composition, (10) output of the non-crop agricultural sub-sectors, (11) agricultural prices, (12) supply and demand framework for agricultural price determination, and (13) procurement, distribution and stock of food grain with the government, and procurement prices.
Rice is the principal food grain for more than half the people in the world.
Rising food grain requirements is boosting the agrochemical market in India, finds Netscribes