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The trends in area, production and yield of food grain in India during 1952-53 to 2009-10 are described in Table-1.
Kolkata: A day after Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament) passed the Food Security Bill, an appeal through Right to Information Act revealed that 17,000 tonnes of food grain, which could have fed 70 million people, have rotten in the country in the last three years.
SANA'A, May 23 (Saba)- The productivity of food grains in Yemen dropped in 2013 to 863,934 tons, with a decrease of 45,807 tons compared to 2012.
They are instead selling this food grain to liquor companies.
Operators of food grains storehouses in the neighbouring streets fear that the spillage of sewage water from yesterday's burst could compound the woes of their staffers and residents in the neighbourhood, which were also in the news for the intermittent flooding of sewage water, garbage and human wastes in recent weeks.
Depreciation in the rupee is likely to benefit agriculture relative to manufacturing, as crop exports respond to the rise in export price and non" food grain prices respond relatively more than the food grain prices.
Last year there was a surplus of 22,367 metric tones of food grain - paddy, maize, wheat and barley - but Nepal imported food grain worth Rs.
Moazzam Hussain further told that famers are hugely dependent on livestock and food grain cultivation, both of these devastated by the floodwater and any response such as provision of live animals, embryos or semen as well as food grains and canola seeds would be hugely beneficial.
The 2008 crisis resulted from a combination of factors including low world stock levels of food grain after wheat production dropped sharply for two straight years in Australia.
Increasing food grain requirements and pest pressure in farmlands is boosting the overall production capacities in this market thereby providing lucrative opportunities for players.
The program will provide the beneficiaries with 35 kg food grain every month and in a household each person will receive 5 kg grain under the food security act.
Rice is the principal food grain for more than half the people in the world.
Turkmenistan began exporting surplus food grain abroad in 2010.
Some opposition-ruled states say, besides food grain at the prescribed rates, they are also supplying essential items like sugar and salt to the poor in their territories.
79 million tonnes ( mnT), surpassing the expected food grain production of 264.