food for thought

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anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking

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Rock-A-Belly Festival, presented by VISA, is a local hunger awareness event and fundraiser for Food For Thought Denver featuring food tastings, craft beer, and live music.
Food For Thought is now looking to expand the initiative and take children on regular visits to farms so they can see exactly where their school dinners are coming from.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT When researchers examined PD spending in five urban districts, they found that most PD programs were funded from non-local sources, fostering the implication that PD is an "extra," included when funding is available and not an integral part of the work of the school.
Whether or not you agree with him, this riveting work is excellent food for thought.
Interestingly, parents tell us that one of the most influential components of the program happens in the dining hall, through a program called Food for Thought (FFT).
In the ongoing quest to discover and address the causes of disproportionality, the authors of this helpful book contribute an original perspective and offer much food for thought.
Just some food for thought about the continuing virtues of the print newsletter.
Chapters strive to tear away the illusions and offer a more realistic portrait of Asians--there's much food for thought in The Asian Mystique.
Saxton Freymann and oost Elffers' FOOD FOR THOUGHT (0439110181, $14.
Madelaine Drohan's meticulously researched and impressively wrfitten expose, Making A Killing, shows just what happens in a world of multinational power, drawing important connections between corporate armed forces and history and providing food for thought for corporations, policy makers and national leaders alike--the result is an intriguing, eye-opening discussion.
SOME food for thought for fellow trainers and all owners, during the long winter even-ings ahead\017.
It was one of the well-crafted works developed in Case Western Reserve University's Food for Thought choreography project, directed by Gina Gibney for this small contemporary ensemble of university-trained dancers and advanced students.
The Food for Thought Campaign, which was run in partnership with Wolverhampton City Council, was devised to support all those within the ethnic communities who are involved in the manufacture, preparation and serving of food, by providing on-site training on the issues that affect the success of their businesses.
We hope it will provide considerable food for thought.