food faddist

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a person who adheres briefly to different diets

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The romantic might choose to picture artisan bakers as kitchen-table entrepreneurs; food faddists destined to pick over the tiniest crumbs left by a commoditised big-player market.
She does not describe the customers but does say that she preferred the appearance of people who 'cheerfully and persistently in the face of all food faddists still consume three meat meals a day.
The anti-drink brigade and the food faddists won't like it of course.
Scurvy is now a rare condition, the "at risk" groups being the elderly, food faddists, alcoholics, smokers, persons in institutions and those with psychiatric disorders.
To make matters worse, beef in the 1980s was a whipping boy for dieticians and food faddists.
I make a gastronomic confession - a confession that will bring fear and loathing to the stage army of food faddists who now seem to inhabit every nook and corner of today's world.
5-7) In the United States, scurvy is most commonly observed in the homebound elderly, food faddists, and patients with malnutrition associated with malignancy.