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(ecology) a community of organisms where there are several interrelated food chains

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We approached the food cycle from beginning to end.
Now that there is all manner of technology and imports enabling us to eat whatever we want whenever we want, the duo are keen to put us back in touch with nature's food cycle.
With imports and technology allowing us to eat whatever we want, all year round, the boys aim to put us back in touch with nature's food cycle.
The contaminants in the water are broken down through the natural food cycle, with further oxygenation catalysing the process.
Advanced biofuels uses waste materials - this is distinct from first generation alcohols using material such as wheat, which could have come from the food cycle.
On the plus side, the book takes a holistic view of the human food cycle, from the sprouting of the seed to the flushing of the toilet.
They are ensuring that their waste products do not become part of the food cycle, since much of the waste oil produced is sprayed onto feed pellets to fatten up farm animals.
An attractive three-dimensional diorama provides insight to children about Food Cycle.
For the past eight to 10 months, three of us have been involved in this," said Brad Crepeau, vice-president of sales and marketing for Food Cycle Science.
We are teaching them about their life cycle and also about the food cycle.
YESTERDAY was the official first day of spring, heralding milder weather and the re-awakening of the British food cycle as tender shoots and fresh greens begin pushing their way up through the warm soil.
Tim Lang, natural resources and land use commissioner on the UK Government's Sustainable Development Commission in North Wales, said a "sustainable diet" rich in seafood would help families break out of the high-calorie, cheap food cycle that has existed in Wales for the past 30 years and has resulted in high levels of dietrelated illnesses.
Ms Charman has defended the decision to allow Marcus to be killed, saying it was part of educating children about the food cycle.
I do not like this when it occurs, but it is nature and all part of the biological food cycle.
Nizo is one of the most advanced independent research companies in the world; having their research and processing facilities on the same site ensures that the complete food cycle runs smoothly.