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Hidrosefalinin takibi, bas cevresi olcumu, fontanel muayenesi, norolojik muayene ve kraniyal ultrasonografi ile belirlenen VI olcumleri ile yapilmaktadir (11).
Despite the pattern of shame and guilt set in the first confession of "Sweeney Out-takes" in the presence of "font and fontanel," the poet has left the infantile soft-spots far behind.
Infants may have fever or hypothermia, irritability, bulging fontanel, poor feeding, lethargy, respiratory distress, vomiting, or seizures.
The ceremonial sapuyung protects because it is believed to close the fontanel of the skull which is considered the door of the soul and of the vital force of human beings.
eye in the eye-socket dreamt before the fontanel closed
Conversely, weapons-exporting countries found a means to offset the balance of payments discrepancy that resulted from the higher oil prices (Levine, Sen, and Smith 1994, 3; Smith, Humm, and Fontanel 1985, 240-241).
An accessory ostium in the posterior fontanel was present bilaterally.
iDTGV stands out from other forms of traditional transport, not only because it uses technology to offer different purchasing methods and competitive prices, but also because it has raised the bar and created a new, higher standard of service for train travel," said Antoine Fontanel, iDTGV Information Systems Director.
Doyan noted that the infant appeared ill and dehydrated with a sunken anterior fontanel.
These characters were: position of the club of the maxillopalatine, medial curvature of the rostral palatine, length of the interpalatine space, position of the palatal crests, shape of the rostral end of the vomer in ventral view, nature of the pterygoid-palatine joint, and size or presence of an interorbital fontanel.
the fontanel, presence of a tracheostomy, pupil equality and reaction, sunset eyes, periorbital edema) could enhance the comprehensive nature of the SINA (Westbrook, 1997).
He pushed at the bulge gently, testing it, thinking about the soft spot on a baby's skull, the fontanel, a little vulnerable place in the bone, which with time, would heal over.
Specifically, suctioning out illness, holding a child upside down and patting the buttocks and back because of a concave fontanel, not bathing children regularly, and kissing a boy's genitals.
Position the center of a vacuum cup 3 cm from the posterior fontanel, which puts the leading part of the cup about 3 cm from the anterior fontanel.