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For visual reading this includes factors such as font size, font type, font color, and background color.
alter font size, font type, font color; add colors, pictures, diagrams, etc.
You can then use any formatting tools to change the comment's fill color, font color, font size, and font type.
This hardware also supports stroke font, which reduces the memory capacity needed per each font type to one-fourth that of previous outline fonts.
Priced at $89 which includes 7 mile markers to personalize along with your choice of 10 colors and font type to be used.
The subject of this procurement is to extend existing licenses for the license ABBY RS for processing documents of the 19th century, which are printed font type fracture, and its implementation into the workflow.
One paper outlines the influence of font type on displays in an automotive environment, while the second reveals research findings related to driver perceptions about varying image depth and dimensions in instrument clusters.
Font formatting (size, color, font type, italic and strikeout properties, boldness, underlining, subscript and superscript).
These templates enable dealers to quickly add, delete or modify borders, header images and alignment, background color, font type and size, vehicle images and sizes, dealership and personnel images, and dealership description copy, along with various buttons and links.
Users will be able to do more than choose font sizes; they can choose a font type, style and color.
With options to adjust your font type, size, and other characteristics, Fotor makes getting your message across even easier.
The font type was changed for transmission purposes only.
Based on OpenGIS(R) standards, CustomWeather's mapping system also allows for the specification of metric or imperial units, image type, image size, bounding coordinates, as well as font type and size.