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For instance, DHL's red and yellow design in forward slanting font type with three lines on each side instantly draw attention as it signifies speed, which is also DHL's point of differentiation over its competition.
However, the font type was so small that it was difficult to read, especially the program notes about the Mozart with its bold red background.
The service offers a patent-pending innovation that enables any element in the interactive display ad-such as messages, imagery, colours, font type, call-to-action or click-through URL-to be characterised as dynamic.
As we get into the ereading era, the control of font size and font type almost certainly will shift to the reader.
Each set contained 50 samples for each of the letter variations (position, scale, orientation, noise level, font type, font style, and font size.
Changes in font type and size are used to emphasize points and interesting facts are highlighted in separate text boxes.
Many "PDF Editor" features like changing the font type, underlining texts, marking read-signs or filling in forms can ease the burden of our PDF dominated work life.
Further research that focused specifically on the characteristics of the font indicates that the legibility of the font type is another important factor to consider in readability and reading comprehension.
Staff e-mail signatures now have consistent font type, size, and information.
Ektron eWebWP offers a familiar toolbar with functions including bold, italics, underline, bullet, indent, copy, paste, font type, and hyperlink.
Changes to font type, font size, rotation and line spacing are seen immediately on the screen.
The text will be formatted automatically to the computer's default font type, size and alignment.
Style One makes it easy to create styles that will control your font type, alignment and colors, background graphics and colors, margins, spacing, and more.
The authors emphasize mechanical features, such as ragged-right margins and considerations of font type, size, and style.
If a designer wanted to use a font type other than Times or Times Roman, the only way to do it was by the use of a graphics file.