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an athlete who performs acts requiring skill and agility and coordination

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Font embedding to place compressed OpenType outlines directly into HTML pages, maintaining all original font quality and helping to ensure font fidelity by the viewer or printer.
Named PDF Profiles are also supported, allowing users to use specific PDF settings - such as PDF/A, font embedding and security - with a simple pull-down selection.
The technology is inherently well-suited for the Internet and does not require any additional components such as Multiple Masters, SuperATM or font embedding to work.
While fast and affordable, the product delivers the rich set of features needed by business users, including compatibility with Adobe Acrobat and Reader, password and encryption, font embedding and more.
These new licensing options support font embedding while expanding the typographical options for authors, designers and publishers.
0 provides tools for simplified administration, support for sophisticated font options like Asian font embedding and search controls, improved PostScript color management, and enhanced blend detection that results in smaller Adobe PDF files.