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Suitcase for Windows is the only font manager for Windows with Font Sense([TM])-powered auto-activation plug-ins for key professional layout and illustration applications including Adobe InDesign CS2 and QuarkXPress 7.
com also provides information about Monotype Imaging's custom font services.
Suitcase for Windows provides industrial-strength font management for desktop and workgroup users running Windows.
ESQ Mobile fonts for East Asian markets are based on Monotype Imaging's stroke-based font technology, enhanced with the company's SmartHint technique.
1 of the iType font engine introduces Monotype Imaging's Fonts in a Box[TM] technology, which enables the full display of characters with extended attributes including accent marks and descenders, such as the lowercase y.
We support the efforts of Aldus and Linotype-Hell in forming the Font Consortium, and we appreciate the show of support from the participating developers at this first meeting," said Mitch Allen, manager, graphics engineering, at Apple Computer.
Font Fusion is Bitstream's premier font rasterizing engine that renders high-quality characters in any format, at any resolution, on any device.
The performance enhancements in this update offer Suitcase Fusion users even faster font activation and provide added stability which our users demand," said Halstead York, Extensis Product Marketing Manager.
Bitstream, Font Fusion, Speedo, and TrueDoc are registered trademarks and the Bitstream logo and Bitstream Panorama are trademarks of Bitstream Inc.
We're setting a new course with China Type to serve a wide range of industries, from mobile phones to office printers, where in many regions of Asia highly specialized font and text technologies are necessary," said Robert M.
Monotype Imaging's ESQ Mobile fonts are derived from the company's Monotype([R]) and ITC([R]) font libraries, in addition to new selections from the Linotype Library.
com has also expanded its offering of font libraries, available for telephone purchase.
Monotype Imaging's first font suite for mobile devices was derived from the company's Monotype(R) and ITC(R) font libraries, which comprise more than 3,000 typefaces.
He added that a key need for QuarkXPress users is the ability to ensure that the same font they designate in a project is activated each time they open the file.
This new, simple, automatic installer replaces the traditional, complex and time-consuming method of downloading a zip file; saving it on a computer; finding the saved file; unzipping it; saving the contents of the zip file; and copying the font files into the Windows Fonts folder to install them.