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Synonyms for fondu

cubes of meat or seafood cooked in hot oil and then dipped in any of various sauces

hot cheese or chocolate melted to the consistency of a sauce into which bread or fruits are dipped

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Pirmosiomis karo savaitemis draugijos valdybos nariai ir etatiniai darbuotojai stengesi apsaugoti muziejaus ir bibliotekos fondus nuo prieso antskrydziu.
Vertinant rizikos kapitalo fondu veikla ir siekiant palyginti rizikos kapitalo prieinamuma, sudarytas subindeksas--Rizikos kapitalo prieinamumas, apimantis tokius komponentus:
Lietuvoje veike 10 Vyriausybes obligaciju pensiju fondu, 4 mazos akciju dalies pensiju fondai, net 11 vidutines akciju dalies ir 5 akciju pensiju fondai.
His Portsmouth opponent is likely to be another East European from the bulging contacts book of ubiquitous Belgian manager Philippe Fondu.
Like Dior, fondu, and the permanent wave, painting is back, they say.
He and his partner, Welsh screenwriter Delyth Jones (who wrote three series of S4C drama Fondu, Sex and Dinosaurs), live in Gwaelod-y-Garth, near Taffs Well, with his three children from a previous relationship Tomos, 10, Barnaby, eight, and Alfie, six - as well as her three children, Daniel, 10, Ifan, three, and Greta, seven.
Having warned us that the relationship between Locke and his maid illustrates all the cliches of sexual orientalism, he uses the techniques of romance and mystery genres to suggest that something more unusual is afoot, only to chastise us afterward for falling into that readerly complacency with his overt use of film directions: "La sequence suivante illumine l'ecran d'un seul coup sans fondu.
Edited by Hendrik Deelstra, Michel Fondu, Wilfried Ooghe and Rudy van Havere.
La part allouee a la documentation au sens large a fondu legerement et d'une maniere relative au cours des trente dernieres annees en raison de l'apparition de nouveaux services au sein de l'administration legislative (Accueil, Journal des debats, television et telediffusion des debats, relations interparlementaires, recherche en droit parlementaire).
de Reaumur "L'Art de Convertir le Fer Forge en Acier, et L'Art d'Adocir le Fer Fondu," ("The Art of Converting Wrought Iron to Steel, and the Art of Softening Cast Iron"), Michel Brunet, Paris (1722); see translation by A.
perejo dirbti i nepriklausomoje Lietuvoje ikurta Valstybine geodezijos tarnyba Geodezijos ir kartografijos medziagos fondu virsininku.
They were transported back to 1975, the time of fondu and flares, when prawn cocktail was the height of sophistication and flock wallpaper was fashionable.
negamybines statybos fondu teko gyvenamajai architekturai, septyni procentai--kulturiniams-buitiniams pastatams ir tik penki procentai gyvenvieciu tvarkymui ir inzineriniams irenginiams <.
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