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Synonyms for fondling

affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)

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When Juag saw me fondling the great beast he was filled with consternation, but I did not have much time to spare to Raja while my mind was filled with the grief of my new loss.
For, the maternal and paternal Slowboy were alike unknown to Fame, and Tilly had been bred by public charity, a foundling; which word, though only differing from fondling by one vowel's length, is very different in meaning, and expresses quite another thing.
Tim Keenan stepped in and bent over Cherokee, fondling him on both sides of the shoulders with hands that rubbed against the grain of the hair and that made slight, pushing-forward movements.
His persuasive ministry is felt as well as heard: he has an innocent habit of fondling young persons.
So far as appearances went, she seemed to be entirely absorbed in fondling Tommie.
The mother had taken the little Prince in her lap and was fondling and kissing him lovingly, for he was her youngest born.
But while Demeter was still holding her dear child in her arms, her heart suddenly misgave her for some snare, so that she feared greatly and ceased fondling her daughter and asked of her at once: `My child, tell me, surely you have not tasted any food while you were below?
If he's a gentleman's son at all, he's a fondling, that's my opinion.
Mrs, Fentolin was busy fondling one of her dogs, which she had raised to her lap, and Hamel was watching her with a tolerant smile.
says the Sergeant, fondling the Musk Rose with his lanky fingers, and speaking to it as if he was speaking to a child.
But Arthur would have known what was wanting to its completeness, though he had never heard of the words Little mother; though he had never seen the fondling of the small spare hand; though he had had no sight for the tears now standing in the colourless eyes; though he had had no hearing for the sob that checked the clumsy laugh.
Do I never read in the newspapers,' said the dame, fondling the child--'God help me and the like of me
Maggie and Tom were still very much like young animals, and so she could rub her cheek against his, and kiss his ear in a random sobbing way; and there were tender fibres in the lad that had been used to answer to Maggie's fondling, so that he behaved with a weakness quite inconsistent with his resolution to punish her as much as she deserved.
ON October 5/6, 2014, the Birmingham Mail published an article inaccurately stating that Birmingham doctor Dr Arunkalaivanan, had been struck off the medical register for fondling a patient's breasts and had won an appeal to practise again.
The Federal Labour Court found only serial fondling should result in the sack.