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  • verb

Synonyms for fondle



Synonyms for fondle

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for fondle

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

References in classic literature ?
So it happened that very often one or the other of them would come into my hut, making pretence to visit my wives, and take the boy upon her lap and fondle it.
DON'T you think Big Brother is insane this year Every day there are arguments, fondles, more arguments, chats about who someone fancies, more arguments.
Set some sexy ground rules - for every five minutes he fondles your breasts, caresses your thighs etc, he can have five minutes from behind
The teacher who allows himself any softness in his intercourse with his pupil, who does not repress the tendency to 'pets', who fondles the young or indulges in other weaknesses, is not heeding the danger signal and may easily fail.
Nick fondles a toy monkey; the little chocol ate-dipped critter was among the leftovers bacchanal.