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Synonyms for fondle



Synonyms for fondle

to touch or stroke affectionately

Synonyms for fondle

touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

References in classic literature ?
But, for all that, Eurylochus imagined that he saw something fierce and savage in their eyes; nor would he have been surprised, at any moment, to feel the big lion's terrible claws, or to see each of the tigers make a deadly spring, or each wolf leap at the throat of the man whom he had fondled.
She held her left hand in front of her, covered with a red velvet glove, and on the wrist a little brown falcon, very fluffy and bedraggled, which she smoothed and fondled as she walked.
Julius rose, relieved, and resumed his sauntering walk; now playing little snatches of music, now stopping to look at the flowers on the terrace, with an eye that enjoyed their beauty, and a hand that fondled them with caressing touch.
Peter Winn gripped his son's hand in grim silence, and fondled the pigeon which his son had passed to him.
She had been very good to me, but I cannot remember that she ever petted me much; besides, she worked out in the fields like a man, poor thing; and if she fondled me at times, she also used to rap my fingers with the spoon if I ate the soup too fast out of the porringer we had between us.
Certain that he was dreaming, he turned the egg over and over in his hands, fondled it, kissed it, and talked to it:
Then Paul stooped down and apparently fondled the empty air.
The raven answered by an affectionate croak, and hopping on his master's arm, which he held downward for that purpose, submitted with an air of perfect indifference to be fondled, and turned his restless, curious eye, now upon Lord George, and now upon his man.
So, Bella's behaviour was very tender and very natural when she kneeled on the brick floor to clasp the child, and when the child, with a child's admiration of what is young and pretty, fondled the boofer lady.
The moment he lays his hand upon the latch, the pony neighs the loudest pony's greeting; before he has crossed the threshold, the pony is capering about his loose box (for he brooks not the indignity of a halter), mad to give him welcome; and when Kit goes up to caress and pat him, the pony rubs his nose against his coat, and fondles him more lovingly than ever pony fondled man.
A TEENAGE girl told a jury yesterday that a church leader put his hand inside her trousers and fondled her bottom.
Judges ruled a mechanic, who fondled the chest of a cleaning lady, 26, while saying "these look like fun", should not have been fired.
AT prevented from working pending his trial over allegations that he fondled a female passenger.
The accused was allegedly fondled the woman's breast.
FORMER BBC Radio 1 DJ Liz Kershaw yesterday told how she was routinely fondled by another presenter while she was on air.