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any inanimate object (as a towel or money or clothing or dishes or books or toys etc


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Cases outside these regions often result from travel, infection reactivation, latent infection in immunosuppressed hosts, or (less commonly) exposure to fomites from mycosis-endemic areas (1,3).
The spread of these microbes can occur by direct human contact, airborne vectors or through fomites (surfaces that harbor microbes), which include nonwovens.
Using swabs moistened in sterile nutrient broth, samples were collected from different fomites (N=23) in the facilities18 hours after scheduled cleaning, once monthly from August- November, 2005.
Moreover, exposure to fomites from an endemic area was the likely source for his coccidiomycosis pneumonia.
A questo punto si procede ad un confronto delle indicazioni fomite dai documenti italiani con etichette di vini in lingua madre oppure, se in classe ci sono persone di diverse provenienze etniche, si puo fare il confronto con quelle culture procurandosi etichette analoghe per ciascuna di queste.
Every day, the daycare environment is exposed to thousands of different microorganisms from the children, staff, and parents, but whether these fomites play a role in disease transmission is not well known.
Fomite transmission via sharing hats or combs, for example, is much less efficient, as lice live for only a short time (hours to days) without a human host.
The cell phone then becomes a potential fomite, not only within the confines of the lab, but everywhere this person travels.
Clean Room Products, Ronkonkoma, NY, recently introduced the "Ultra Clean Polypropylene Breather Bag" that is designed specifically for stopper and other component sterilization requiring a particle-free environment and minimum fomite generation.
Other VHF transmission pathways include person-to-person (bodily fluids), arthropod (insect) vectors, nosocomial, laboratory accident, fomite (contaminated environmental surfaces), humananimal contact, and the intentional use as bioweapons (Osterholm et al.
Role of fomite contamination during an outbreak of norovirus on houseboats.
The most common disease that I can think of is mycoplasmosis, which can be transmitted directly between birds as they congregate at feeders or indirectly with the feeder as a fomite.
The large quantities of MERS-CoV shed in nasal secretions by each of the 3 camels suggest that camel-tocamel and camel-to-human transmission may occur readily through direct contact and large droplet, or possibly fomite transmission.
Even though several routes of transmission have been postulated, the specific relationship between clinical fomite contamination and infection is unclear (Kumari & Ichhpujani, 2000).