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Synonyms for fomentation

a substance used as a warm moist medicinal compress or poultice

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application of warm wet coverings to a part of the body to relieve pain and inflammation

deliberate and intentional triggering (of trouble or discord)

References in classic literature ?
Guppy, whose incessant smiling gave her quite a waggish appearance, did as her son requested and then sat down in a corner, holding her pocket handkerchief to her chest, like a fomentation, with both hands.
53%) animals responded well for systemic corticosteroids and antibiotics in addition to cold fomentations.
The first step was the application of fomentations, or hot packs.
Her regime of hot baths and compresses, fomentations, active movements of joints, active exercises and avoidance of prolonged immobilisation would certainly have avoided joint stiffness and contractures and improved the function of non-affected muscles.
A boy of four years old who could talk freely, fell down upon his head from a pair of stairs: at that time no damage appeared; but when he arose out of bed the third day after, he began to stutter, and the disorder of his speech increased on the following days without any other injury; but by applying cephalic fomentations to the head, and exhibiting proper medicines internally, he recovered his speech entirely.
You will be amazed that you can duplicate in your kitchen all the forms in which you have encountered "medicines" in the past: tinctures (based on alcohol, glycerin, vinegar and even wine), infusions (herbal medicines can be as simple as a cup of tea) and decoctions, lozenges, capsules, syrups, salves and lotions--as well as some that are new to you (but would not have been to your grandmother) such as poultices, fomentations and herbed water baths.