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Synonyms for fomentation

a substance used as a warm moist medicinal compress or poultice

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application of warm wet coverings to a part of the body to relieve pain and inflammation

deliberate and intentional triggering (of trouble or discord)

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If the breast lump was regarded to be an abscess, it was treated with hot fomentations.
of cases treated Calomel / Hydrargyrium submurias PM 137 Calomel - colocynth compound PM 79 Cathartic dose (unspecified) P 73 Magnesium sulphate P 73 Ipecac E 65 Antimony potassium tartrate E 62 Opium A 59 Jalap P 54 Antimonials (powders/pills) E 48 Vesicatoires / blisters S 38 Rhei / rhubarb P 35 Colocynth / bitter cucumber P 33 Cataplasm / poultice S 33 Purgatives (unspecified) P 31 Emplastrum cantharidis S 31 Dover's powders (Ipecac and Opium) EA 25 Ricinus / castor oil P 23 Camphor S 22 Hydrargyrium (unspecified mercurial) M 21 Fomentations / baths S 20 Key to Drug Type A = analgesic or pain-killer; E = emetic; P = purgative or laxative; M = mercury; S = skin or topical