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carrying some project or intention to full completion

the act of carrying a stroke to its natural completion

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When he went down the pitch to drive Ashwin for six, he could have been Sir Garfield Sobers, so full was his followthrough.
De Jong should have been sent off for a followthrough which was totally unnecessary, Williamson won the ball and the challenge was outside the box and if that was a penalty how did Shola not get awarded one?
Successful deployment cannot end with introduction of the technology; it requires focused followthrough all the way to mainstream implementation.
Aware of the dangers Flintoff posed if he remained at the crease for long, Australia attempted to unsettle him - Johnson coming down the wicket in his followthrough to have words, while substitute fielder Phillip Hughes provided constant chatter during a stint at short-leg.
Her release point and followthrough also need work.
Permissive subscales include lack of followthrough, ignoring misbehavior, and lack of self-confidence.
Imagine the golf swing is made up of two halves, a backswing and a followthrough.
Saha felt the force of the visitors' determination, taking a nasty blow when Bikey hacked at a clearance and caught the Frenchman on the side of the head with his followthrough.
Remember, in business followthrough is critical so after that networking event, be persistent, keep on calling, ask for that interview, be a noodge.
There was Bryant framing his followthrough after knocking down a 3-pointer that made it 95-75.
Having been lofted for six the previous delivery - an extraordinary pick-up by Ponting over midwicket - Flintoff attempted a reaction catch in his followthrough but could not get hishands to the ball in time.
If a particular show or concert is sold out, then there will be a followthrough service showing what else is available on the same day.
It is clear that shot - an under-the-wind three-wood with an abbreviated followthrough which results in plenty of roll along the fairway - is a significant part of Tiger's plan this week.
The player should focus on proper movement along the baseline, early preparation on the groundstrokes, a good contact point out in front (especially on the backhand), and a good followthrough.
Followthrough, calling and evaluating the shot, cycling the action, and recoil recovery are all part of the process.