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Synonyms for follower

Synonyms for follower

one who supports and adheres to another

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Mary Uhl-Bien and her colleagues provide an overview of the state of followership theory in their 2014 article in Leadership Quarterly.
Kelley, who has conducted extensive research on followership, "Effective followers think for themselves and carry out their duties and assignments with energy and assertiveness.
My model does not emphasize on the establishing of international leadership through the generating of "true" followership developed from the suggestion of the leader, but in their interactions.
In sum, followers who possess qualities of effective followership also identify themselves as having a subset of classic transformational leadership qualities (Kouzes and Posner, 2012).
Second-in-command" is a followership role that allows the leader to be replaced if not around or when delegation is needed.
Such strategies as effective followership also are needed to take action to build a strong dental hygiene scholarly identity.
Positing an interplay between leadership and followership is not some kind of abstract claim: the very structure of the Security Council means that leadership can be blocked by the actions of one permanent member using its veto power or several nonpermanent members acting in concert to deny the number of affirmative votes required to pass a resolution.
I think it's all about building a broader capability so you are viewed as a leader and you have that followership going forward as you go up the ranks.
Followership theory (17-24) views leaders and followers as "two sides of one process, two parts of a whole.
I am less happy about the followership concept which suggests that one party has leadership done to them.
This incorporates both factors concerning the situational needs and followership situational readiness.
Dizzy Wright's success of “The Golden Age” and his most recent release “State of Mind” has really brought up his followership and put him on the map.
Kellerman (2008) provided a current definition of followership as "the response of those in subordinate positions (followers) to those in superior ones (leaders).