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Synonyms for follower

Synonyms for follower

one who supports and adheres to another

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Based on these recent studies focusing on the followership constructs of authentic leadership, the intent of this study is to examine further the effect of authentic leadership on the follower and corresponding outcomes, such as developing trust in the organization.
Just as Hollander (1974) draws a distinction between the leader role and the leadership process, so too do followership scholars draw a distinction between the follower role and the followership process.
And, leadership training and the significance of followership are not addressed specifically.
Force and wars are never the answer for garnering long-term followership.
It is quite disgusting, unbecoming and most uncharitable remark of fellow described as NCP spokesman, calling his earth while Sheikh a liar on Aljazeera; these comments could not represent the views of the large followership of NCP.
There are lessons to be learned from business in how to move from a "command and control" leadership style to one that encourages courageous followership.
What I think is the difference between a manager and a leader A manager does things right, which implies execution excellence and efficiency, whilst a leader does the right things, which implies a vision and a path that inspires followership.
This edition has new chapters on quality and safety; an updated finance chapter and new chapter on health care policy on the website; updates to information on setting priorities, delegation, quality improvement, legal aspects, and ethical issues; more on situational leadership, followership, staffing, diversity, and team building; new discussions of the Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation framework for communication; more evidence-based practice content; and more integrated Canadian nursing content.
There are multiple stories (with their ensuing lessons to be learned) concerning decision-making, leadership, followership, group dynamics, power and politics, delegation, and the list goes on.
We all have to follow at some point, but how "exemplary" Colin Powell was in his followership while Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under President Clinton is open to question.
Thus the structure of potentiality for an association of people is realized first in the self-understanding of the group's constitution: what are the main parts and structure of our association, what traditional sources of leadership and followership can we ordinarily rely on, what are our weaknesses and debits?
It is pointed out that to fixate on leadership at the expense of followership is to whistle against the wind.
Capable leaders can encounter difficulties in the face of poor followership, egotism, and resistance to change from those they seek to influence.
But followership is not simply the flip side of the leadership coin: she divides followers into five different types--isolates, bystanders, participants, activists and diehards--ranked by their progression of involvement.
An all-out assault on this society's obsession with those who lead, as opposed to those who follow, Followership singles out Greenpeace and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as examples of organizations that have transformed the world through the heroic actions of many, many followers but few actual leaders.