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a revue with elaborate costuming

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Before I come here,' said Uriah, stealing a look at us, as if he would have blighted the outer world to which we belonged, if he could, 'I was given to follies; but now I am sensible of my follies.
You knew me when, in spite of my follies, I was umble among them that was proud, and meek among them that was violent - you was violent to me yourself, Mr.
When I think of my past follies, and my present state, I am sure it would be best for you.
It is certain that the old gentleman, who had lived in days gone by with that feminine nation now as much forgotten as many other great things,--like the Jesuits, the Buccaneers, the Abbes, and the Farmers-General,--had acquired an irresistible good- humor, a kindly ease, a laisser-aller devoid of egotism, the self- effacement of Jupiter with Alcmene, of the king intending to be duped, who casts his thunderbolts to the devil, wants his Olympus full of follies, little suppers, feminine profusions--but with Juno out of the way, be it understood.
Yes, but calumny seized upon all those follies in which I took no part, as you well know, my Lord.
With YOUR good sense, to be so honestly blind to the follies and nonsense of others
I do really wish one could see a little advance in the way of real refinement and true elegance among all the vast improvements we are making in frippery and follies," cried Mr.
Follies, as they are known, come in many shapes and sizes--towers, temples, sham castles, obelisks, forts, even fake caves.
And Red Raven Follies perform Saturday at Oak Street Speakeasy for a suggested donation of $5.
Such follies may have sanctified the delusion of Councillor Lambert that Labour was doing something constructive, but let us not be that naive.
IT WAS very appropriate that Bob Woodhouse should pick a walk in the Whats On supplement that featured follies for his article this week, the week that Temenos was launched.
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine students raised approximately $3,000 for community organizations during the 14th annual Follies Talent Show at Carnegie Hall March 6.
Oxford, Ohio) recounts the history of the Ziegfeld Follies from its first show in 1907 to its final show in 1931 through individual songs from each production.
There you can enjoy farmyard fun at the Jolly Farm, meet friendly animals and feed baby goats at the hugely popular bottle-feeding shows, discover exotic animals, including many rare and endangered species, in the zoo, relive the fun of yesteryear in Europe's biggest undercover vintage fairground, watch the kids exhaust themselves in the Carousel Woods and Pirates adventure playgrounds, whizz round the Follystone Go-Kart Track, test your skills on the CAT diggers, take in a magical show in the Follies Theatre and ride on the land train around the wildlife park.
The result is a book, Follies of Europe: Architectural Extravaganzas, which records some of his weird and wonderful discoveries in 10 countries, some of which had never been photographed before.