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inflammation of a hair follicle

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Presence of perifollicular infiltrate of eosinophils is seen in Eosinophilic folliculitis of HIV.
Folliculitis typically presents with folliculocentric pustules that have surrounding erythema, but no hemorrhaging.
Perforating folliculitis is characterized by adult-onset scaly follicular papules with a white central keratotic plug (may contain curled hair) on the extensor surfaces of the extremities and buttocks.
Histologically the condition is characterized by sterile folliculitis.
During their first week after the epilation they are at a higher risk of developing heat induced folliculitis or pseudofolliculitis on the involved area," he said.
AWHEN the hair follicles in your beard area become inflamed it causes a spotted rash called folliculitis.
77 Family history Positive 7 1 1 Negative 26 10 8 Animal contact Positive 0 2 8 Negative 33 9 1 Associated systemic diseases or infections Hepatitis C 15 1 3 virus infection Diabetes 7 2 3 mellitus Internal 2 1 0 malignancy Rheumatoid 1 0 0 arthritis Chronic renal 1 0 1 disease Ulcerative 1 0 0 colitis Associated fungal infection Positive 12 4 1 Negative 21 7 8 Clinical presentation Alopecia 13 0 0 Scaly scalp 19 0 3 Favus 0 0 0 Pyoderma 1 5 2 Folliculitis 0 1 0 decalvans Pustular 0 2 1 eruption Acne 0 3 3 keloidalis Location Vertex 9 0 2 Parietal 11 1 3 Temporal 8 4 2 Occipital 3 4 1 Multiple 2 2 1 Trichophyton Total (n schoenleini (n = 58) = 5) Sex Male 2 9 (15.
aeruginosa infection include pyoderma, infection of wounds, ulcers, and burns, omphalitis, digital intertrigo, green nail syndrome, folliculitis associated with the use of swimming pool, whirlpool, and hot tubs and exacerbation of acne vulgaris.
Hot spots differ from acute moist folliculitis and furunculosis where the raw skin is thicker than the surrounding skin, Dr.
The clean-shave haircut known locally as the chiskop is rare among females but popular with black South African men, who are also predisposed to folliculitis keloidalis nuchae (FKN) (keloids on the back of the head).
This along with folliculitis results in patchy alopecia.
Biopsy specimens were obtained from the head, ears, and paws, and analysis of these samples supported a diagnosis of mural folliculitis and mild plasma cell pododermatitis.
Tufted hair folliculitis (THF) is a recurrent and progressive folliculitis of the scalp that resolves with irregular areas of scarring alopecia within which numerous hair tufts emerge from dilated follicular openings.
In 10 cases, there were other associated skin conditions, including ingrown hairs, warts, folliculitis (bacterial skin infection), cysts and scars.