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The same criteria that were used to decide whether follicular tumors are biologically benign or malignant (ie, capsular and vascular invasion) would be applied to the evaluation of encapsulated FVPTCs.
The vast majority of cases are so-called differentiated thyroid cancers, which are characterized histologically as papillary or follicular tumors.
In such a setting, immunohistochemistry analysis will help with the separation between primary and metastatic tumors: primary thyroid follicular tumors will usually be immunoreactive with thyroglobutin, CK7, and TTF-1, while C-cell--derived tumors will be reactive to calcitonin and chromogranin.
This confirms the general consensus that follicular tumors cannot be reliably diagnosed by FNAB.
Dr Suster makes a surprising statement in his review of follicular tumors of the thyroid (1).