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a tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk

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Of the 116 questions 22 questions were about how to use the Kapitau folktale as teachers.
At Beacon Hill Elementary School in Seattle, we embarked on month-long exploration of the world of Asian puppetry and folktales.
Why such a literal application of folktale metaphors to life?
Juan Bobo and The Pig: a Puerto Rican Folktale Retold.
The romantic sadness of Lady Kaguya's Secret with its exploration of the conflict between mortals and immortals is very different from the tone of Gita Wolf's The Very Hungry Lion: A Folktale, but the careful attention to the artistic presentation is equally impressive.
Nonetheless, Milin's study is as thoughtful as it is wide-ranging, and provides a carefully constructed model for approaching the perennial problem of folktale elements within literary texts of the mediaeval period.
A Caribbean folktale told for generations by word of mouth, has found a permanent home in children's literature.
The introduction of the folktale on television is part of the political desire to promote the national cultural heritage and regional integration.
From an African Anansi story ANANSI AND THE TURTLE'S FEAST to the frightening THE BOATMAN'S HOWLING DAUGHTER, over seventy minutes of vivid description pack a fine gathering which will be a 'must' for folktale collections for any age group.
Retold for the enjoyment of children by Alex Great, and featuring lively illustrations by Yulie Great, Vampire's Bride: A Bulgarian Folktale is the entertaining story of a young princess who receives an offer of marriage from a young man who is half black, half white, and from a far away land.
The underlying narrative refer s, in fact, to a folktale about two men, a father and a son, who get swindled while trying to sell a donkey--to which Khakhar has added an erotic component: The animal carrying the two men (before it dies) has an erection.
The company brought two works here: The Show Maiden, a charming Russian folktale choreographed in 1961 for London Festival Ballet by then-Stanislavsky director Vladimir Bourmeister, and his Swan Lake.
This article explores issues surrounding cultural authenticity in Chinese folktale picture books.
Look at the work of the Jewish speculative fiction writers, like Jane Yolen's novel Briar Rose, which uses the elements of the folktale as a lens into the horrors of the Holocaust, and never once allows readers to romanticize the experience.