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a song that is traditionally sung by the common people of a region and forms part of their culture

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In fact, this may be one of the most thorough accounts of the folksong movement during the thirties and forties, complete with Tick's thoughtful description of Crawford's painstakingly conscientious and exacting method of transcribing folksongs from original field recordings.
We called on George Duplessis, who had participated in the early Miramichi Folksong Festivals.
Shortly thereafter, in a letter to Sargent, Moakler explained that this monthly publication carried a folksong section for over ten years with the words supplied by the readership: "They are not all exclusively Newfoundland, but all are authentic folksongs handed down from generation to generation (15).
Vaughan Williams was never one to shy away from reusing material--the same passage from Virginia Woolf appears in four separate essays printed here, for example--and if Manning is sometimes sensitive to this issue, as when he wisely omits a 1911 essay on folksong published in the Musical Times (p.
Tales and legends constitute one-third of the text with the other two-thirds devoted to folksongs.
Not much better: What secures Greig's position in the field of folksong scholarship more than anything else is his collecting of folk-songs.
At first, Peacock was reluctant to be pulled toward folk music research, but each summer between 1958 and 1961, he returned to Newfoundland to expand his folksong collection.
Aspects of other languages were appended to the old Spanish and Moorish dialects of Iberia, and all came to be part of the folklore and folksong of a displaced Hispanic heritage.
The work is a collection of five essays by Roger Renwick, written in an attempt, or so it says on the dustjacket, "to wrest folksong from contemporary theorists and return it to textual study.
The credo that Janacek expressed in 1922 in his lecture On Folksong, which is often remembered by his heirs, is one that remains attractive and capable of interpretation in many different ways: Do not overvalue--do not undervalue--get to know.
So we had a cellist as well (the musicianly Cara Berridge resourcefully exploiting the bloom of this acoustic), and in the Britten-devoted second half (we ended with some folksong settings) she earned her keep with an intense, well-projected account of the composer's Cello Suite no.
It cleverly fused many of Davies's great inspirations: plain-song, folksong and Renaissance polyphony.
TO the faithful, Luka Bloom is already up there with Christy Moore in the Irish folksong canon.
Songs include Spanish folksong, Los Ninos Cuando Bailan, and new twists on favorite children's songs Cabeza, Hombros and Ojos, Orejas.
The fourth movement has an American folksong style, reminiscent of Aaron Copland and includes a snippet of "Shortnin' Bread.